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Blatant electioneering for Chris Christie on Fox News

Reported by Ellen - November 3, 2009 -

After a lengthy segment promoting the candidacy of Doug Hoffman, Sean Hannity hosted Dick Morris for another push for Republicans on Election Day. This time, the stumping was for Chris Christie, Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Jersey. But instead of just talking up the candidate, Morris turned to the cameras and made an overt plea for viewers to vote for Christie. Hannity did not object. With video.

Noting that results in New Jersey could hinge on the third-party candidacy of Chris Daggett, Morris said, “It all relates to a bunch of New Jersey voters, a couple hundred thousand of ‘em who live on the moon, and they have said they’re gonna vote for this guy named Chris Daggett as opposed to Christie or Corzine – a totally wasted vote. And most of those people are people that have decided not to vote for the incumbent Corzine and they’re gonna totally waste their votes on a guy that can’t possibly win. Now my message for those Daggett voters is: Gas is expensive! So save your gas and stay home if you’re not gonna go and vote for Christie (Hannity laughed) but, rather, use the gas money to go and vote for Christie because this is the best chance we have to stop our health care system from being torn apart."

Hannity did not object to Morris' behavior.

Why not just run campaign commercials and call them "news?"