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On Fox News Sunday, Rush Limbaugh Takes Credit For Glenn Beck’s Success

Reported by Ellen - November 1, 2009 -

Chris Wallace did a lengthy, lapdog interview with Rush Limbaugh today on Fox News Sunday. As Think Progress pointed out, this was quite a contrast to Wallace’s treatment of President Clinton in his 2006 interview. As Crooks and Liars noted, “With little resistance, Fox News' Chris Wallace allowed Rush Limbaugh to continually attack President Barack Obama. Limbaugh called Obama 'the man-child president,' accused him of visiting the families of fallen troops for a photo op and said the president doesn't care about the war in Afghanistan.” But what caught my ear was Limbaugh’s sly attempt to take credit for Glenn Beck’s success. With video.

At about the 10:45 mark in the video below (which counts down from the end), Wallace turned the subject to Beck. After discussing what in the public psyche Beck taps into, Wallace asked, “When you look at Glenn Beck and you see this explosion, what do you feel?” (This was, apparently, Wallace’s idea of a tough question as he had a mischievous expression on his face.)

“I’m kind of proud,” Limbaugh said.

“No envy, no competition?” Wallace, asked, still with that mischievous smile.

“Oh, no, no, no, no,” Limbaugh protested. I’ll leave it to others to decide if he protested too much. “My radio audience is astronomically high… Lookit, In 1988, there was nobody doing what I’m doing. Nobody. You had CNN was the only cable network and you had the three networks and the newspapers and now look. Now look what’s out there. All of this conservative media. Conservative talk radio, television, Fox News, the conservative blogosphere… If I wanted to have my ego be as big as Obama’s is, I can say, ‘Look what I created.’ So any success out there on my side – conservative media – if it’s going to help us bring this country back. Bring more in.”

In other words, Limbaugh was saying he COULD take credit for Beck but he was too humble and generous to do so. What a class act!

It’s also worth noting that Wallace also did not protest when Limbaugh characterized Fox News as part of “this conservative media.”