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Bill O’Reilly Supporting And Encouraging Anti Muslim Bigotry?

Reported by Priscilla - November 1, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly frequently alludes to those who are not religious as godless and selfish “secular-progressives,” who are responsible for the demise of society as we know it. He, on the other hand, considers himself a Christian whose responsibility is to push his Christian worldview on those deemed not worthy. (Jews better say Merry Christmas or else!) Bigotry, it would appear, is part of Bill’s Christian worldview as demonstrated by his attack on a Connecticut town which refuses to grant the wishes of a local man, Peter Gadiel, that a memorial to his son who was killed on 9-11, should read “Murdered by Muslim terrorists.” I guess Bill is either unaware or doesn’t care about his Pope’s comment, while recently in the Muslim country of Jordan, that “The challenge for Muslims and Christians is to cultivate the vast potential of human reason in the context of “faith and truth.” For Bill, not so much.

O’Reilly’s “Culture Warrior” threesome this week (Thursday) wasn’t the usual R rated mélange of buxom beauties in various states of undress. Rather, it was about the request, by the father of a victim of 9-11, to put a comment on a town funded memorial, on public property, which could be seen as insulting to Islam. After summarizing the situation, Bill said “that’s what he was – murdered by Muslim terrorists.” When Margaret Hoover said that the town doesn’t want to offend Muslims, O’Reilly said that there were no Muslims in Kent to which Hoover replied that there was one Muslim family who are not jihadis. I was about to give Gretchen Carlson credit for saying that the Oklahoma City Memorial does not say anything about the victims having been murdered by domestic terrorists; but, thankfully, I don’t because she continued that “it’s more important to put the plaque up to honor the son…” Playing “devil’s advocate," Bill said he's the father of a 9-11 victim and “there’s a memorial marking the occasion, why not say what happened for future generations…why not tell them what happened?” And then Irish American conservative Catholic Bill O’Reilly claimed to speak for Muslim Americans when he said that “If I were an American Muslim family, and I’m law abiding and a loyal American, that doesn’t bother me.” He donned his own ethnic clothes when he said “I’m an Irish guy, the IRA killed a lot of civilians” and then, in a brilliant tour de force of apples and oranges, he asserted “if somebody says the IRA killed a lot of people I don’t have a beef.” (As “Cathy” would say – AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGH). Hoover articulated a right wing meme when she claimed that what we need is for moderate Muslims to speak out against radical Islam. (Should moderate Christians tell Randall Terry and his pals to simmer down?) She gave Mr. Gadiel credit for reminding people about 9-11 and then kept blithering about how on 9-11 “radical extremists wanted to kill our way of life.” (No, Maggie, I think they were perpetrating a terrorist attack to scare us – and it worked!) Bill proclaimed that “he wants to tell the truth…and I’m behind him” and added how this was all “political correctness.” America’s Daddy then stated that “we’ll all march up their and tell the guys to put it up.” (America’s cities and towns need to do whatever Bill O’Reilly says. Local sovereignty be damned!) He further proclaimed (thus, unleashing the death threats and hate mail which will invariably be directed to the town’s administrators) that “the town should give in.” He repeated that if “we have to charter a bus, we’ll go up there and do it.” He finished by saying that he’s “sensitive to the Muslim family” (has their house been torched, yet?) but “what happened, happened, if you’re gonna memorialize what happened, memorialize what happened.”

Comment: The 9-11 victim’s father wants to use public money and public property to promote his own belief. As noted by Kent’s first selectman, “The town administration has said it would favor a memorial to Gadiel's son, James, who died in the north tower of the World Trade Center at the age of 23, but it would not permit that particular wording on a plaque on town property, paid for by tax dollars. He can do whatever he wants on his own property.” As a conservative, one would think that Bill would be loathe to allow private interests to supersede those of the taxpayers. Would Bill be as agreeable if the parents of those killed by abortion clinic terrorists wanted public memorials saying “murdered by Christian terrorists?” Would Bill be cool with public memorials to the victims of the Civil Rights struggle which have the words “murdered by racist white terrorists” because as Bill would say, that’s what really happened. Does Pearl Harbor have a monument that cites Shinto terrorists? Bill’s comment about the IRA is so astoundingly ludicrous as “murdered by the IRA” is a statement of fact because the IRA is the official name of a political group. Would Bill be comfortable with “murdered by the Catholic IRA?” The terrorists who perpetrated 9-11, although Muslims, were also part of a political movement which has an animus towards the West for political reasons – not because they “hate our way of life.” The US didn’t have a problem with radical Islam when we armed them to fight the Russians! It’s a complex issue and because Bill only deals with black and white, you didn’t hear about it on his show. Maybe, now that Bill has received an award for his anti Dr. Tiller rhetoric, perhaps he’s gearing up for an award from some far right anti Islamic group (Frank Gaffney, are you listening?) I’m sure Fox News is their favorite channel.