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Fox&Friends (Not Really “News”) Guest Bashes Health Care Reform (What Else Is New!)

Reported by Priscilla - October 31, 2009 -

Fox News, as an arm of the RNC and American Teabaggers, does so not want health care reform. Yet they claim that their news is “fair and balanced.” As Eric Boehlert points out, “What kind of "news" team, in the span of five days, airs 22 clips of health reform forums featuring only people who oppose reform?” One of their “in house” on air physicians, who appears frequently on Fox&Friends, Dr. Marc Siegel, isn’t exactly a proponent of reform and was a part of the Fox Opinion News health scare campaign. But wait, Fox&Friends isn’t “officially” (see Jon Stewart’s brilliant smack down of Fox) part of the Fox “news” lineup so it’s not a problem when they conduct interviews with individuals who are clearly partisan. But here’s the thing – the “clearly” part, not so much. This morning, Fox&Friends spoke with a doctor who claims that health care reform “is a perscription for disaster.” Turns out that this young doctor isn’t just any doctor – but one with a clear history of partisan positions towards Democrats. As usual, there’s background that wasn’t articulated; but this is Fox&Friends so it’s all good because they’re not really news.

As the chyron read “HEALTH CARE OVERHALL, PERSCRIPTION FOR DISASTER? Pelosi Unveils Final Health Care Bill” (which is a bit of a misrepresentation because this is the HOUSE bill and nowhere near the “final health care bill) Alyson Camerota introduced the segment and did note that this was the final House version of a their health care reform bill. Her spin started almost immediately, “many doctors are concerned about the negative impact it could have on their careers, the medical profession as a whole, and the quality of care that you, the patient receive.” Briggs said that “one of these doctors is Jason Fodeman who specializes in internal medicine and who says the bill is a perscription for disaster.” Fodeman got off to a good start by joking about how he “hadn’t read all 1900 pages; but I guess that Nancy Pelosi hasn’t either. This bill, Obamacare, Pelosicare, Reidcare is gonna be brutal…” (Right Wing Talking Point Alert – Code Red). He continued with talking points that could have been from the RNC or “Americans for Prosperity” or any other group that wants to bring down health care reform – “drowing in bureaucracy, more paperwork” blah, blah, and that is will “dissuade bright, young talented people from pursuing medicine” blah, blah,. Camerota did ask if adding more patients would be good for business to which he responded with “bureaucracy” blah, blah, blah. My first real clue that Fodeman wasn’t just some simple country doctor was when the chyron indicated that he is the author of “How to Destroy a Village.” (Clinton hater perhaps?) Fodeman asserted that there will be a decreased supply of providers because of all that paperwork, blah, blah. Another right wing talking point with “it’s always the patient that suffers the most with the long waits, the rationed care.” Briggs said that doctors graduate from medical school with a mountain of debt and asked (scripted softball?) Fodeman what would happen under reform with this need for primary care doctors. More right wing talking points with Fodeman saying that “we need to empower patients, put patients in charge,” blah, blah. The chyron read “THE COSTS OF REFORM,” Doc Says Physicians Will Have To Retire.” And get ready for the piece de resistance – “the problem today is too much government, not too little” while the chyron read “MORE PATIENTS, FEWER PHYSICIANS, Will Government Option Hurt Quality of Care?” He finished with the perfunctory statement about medicare’s unfunded liabilities.

Comment: What the Foxies didn’t tell us is that Jason Fodeman, described on a blog as an “older, creepier version of Harry Potter, writes anti health care reform articles for the conservative National Review. The “perscription for disaster” quote comes from a recent anti health care reform article called “Another Day, Another Mispresentation.” His book about destroying the village was a screed that he did, when 17 years old, about “how the Clinton’s influence would be detrimental to America, particularly America’s youth” and how Hillary Clinton, a “life long libber,” and the liberal press were unethical. Fodeman, a recent graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was also a graduate fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation where he wrote more anti Obama/health care reform pieces. The Foxies could have challenged him with the AP report that that stated that most doctors “want public private mix.” They could have mentioned the AMA support of health care reform. Nah,that might have cut the propaganda buzz. Besides, Fox&Friends isn’t really news. In the words of Dr. Fodeman, "another day, another misrepresentation."