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Kimberly Guilfoyle Channels Glenn Beck

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2009 -

Kimberly Guilfoyle once again demonstrated she's willing to say almost anything in her desperate desire to curry favor with conservatives. The supposedly liberal Guilfoyle has repeatedly put forth falsehoods during her regular gigs on Hannity. She seems to be vying with conservative co-panelist S.E. Cupp and Sean Hannity to be the most inflammatory, Coulteresque/Beckian pundit in the group. Last night (10/29/09) on Hannity, Guilfoyle distorted public opposition to health care bill, falsely described it as “socializing medicine,” called President Obama “radical,” accused him of “trying to put forth… socialism,” and compared health care reform to Hitler’s invasion of Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if Guilfoyle shows up next time with a magnetic photo of Chairman Mao and a chalkboard. With video.

Why were Guilfoyle and Cupp chosen to discuss the health care bill? Neither seems to have any background in health policy. At least Cupp has a background in politics. Guilfoyle, on the other hand, has a background in law and hosts a “crime-based” program. Or she did. Although the program is still listed on Foxnews.com, it seems to have no regular time slot. Perhaps that’s the reason Guilfoyle feels such an urgency to rebrand herself as a fiery conservative.

Next to a giant pile of papers, supposedly a print out of the health care bill released by the House earlier in the day (a prop also used on other Fox News shows), Guilfoyle said, “Who’s gonna pay for it, the public doesn’t support it, it’s socializing medicine… It’s a bad idea.” While Guilfoyle is correct that the public is not strongly supporting Obama’s plan, most recently, the public has tended to split evenly over the bill. Furthermore, the public consistently supports a public option which the House bill contains and which, presumably, Guilfoyle was referring to. What’s absolutely certain, however, is that none of the plans “socialize” medicine. As PolitiFact wrote, “It's fair game to state an opinion that you think this is where the system is heading. It's reasonable, for example, to say, ‘I'm worried that a public option could lead to socialized medicine.’ But it is not accurate to describe the Democrats' plan as socialized medicine.” (my emphasis)

As I have previously posted, the Cupp/Guilfoyle segments offer no balance as the guests rarely, if ever, disagree with either Hannity or each other on anything. Hannity said last night, “Who could ever read this garbage? …If you can’t put this down in 30 pages or less… it proves that this is a complicated bunch of bureaucratic garbage.” Guilfoyle and Cupp nodded in agreement.

By the way, if they want to see something complicated, they should read my health insurance plan. I doubt theirs are any simpler or more condensed. It’s a complicated set of issues the government is taking on. Why shouldn’t it be a lengthy bill?

Guilfoyle said, “This is about putting forward a political legacy and trying to put forth these liberal ideologies and socialism, basically, on the backs of the American people… This is not well thought out. It’s ill-conceived and it’s, quite frankly, arrogant.” Arrogant? Guilfoyle, with no expertise in health policy, who incorrectly characterized the bill as socialism, was not in much of a position to be calling anyone else “arrogant.”

In fact, she became even more arrogant as the segment went on. She made the ludicrous claim that Democrats’ health care reform is “just like when Germany tried to invade Russia in World War II.”

Then, when Hannity said, Obama is “consistently radical,” Guilfoyle jumped in to say, “I totally agree with that.”

Then the three moved on to attack Alan Grayson.