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Fox&Friends Still Waving Those Pom-Poms For Jesus

Reported by Priscilla - October 30, 2009 -

Fox&Friends, the morning family bible hour, does love its persecuted Christians who are fighting against the evil hordes of secularism so rampant in today’s culture. And because the “other” side is “winning” (according to Gretchen Carlson) that means that Gretchen and her chums have to do their gosh darned best to make sure that persecuted Christians have a friend in Jesus and Fox&Friends. Last month, the gang hosted two Georgia cheerleaders who discussed how their school’s football team was banned from displaying banners with bible verses at football games. The three Christian mouseketeers of Fox&Friends were very sympathetic. Who cares about separation of church and state? Certainly not Fox&Friends who, cheerfully, did a segment today on how the Christian community is rallying round the persecuted Christian students. The baby Jesus is smiling!

Update: Steve Doocy was too busy gushing over the Christians kids to note that, two weeks ago, the Catoosa Georgia Board of Education upheld the ban on religious banners because it was determined that they violated the First Amendment.

As good Christian Steve Doocy began the Christian fellowship segment by saying that “a religious rebirth is taking hold in a Georgia community…”, the chyron read “RELIGIOUS REBIRTH, Fans Flaunt Faith At Football Game.” He then introduced the two cheerleaders who were at a Georgia location with their team and their pastor. One of the young men held a sign that read “warriors for Christ.” (One suspects that Jewish students wouldn’t be too eager to try out for that team!). Doocy recounted how since 9-11, the school had been doing their Christian banner thing. He noted how some people complained and the school, thinking that they there could be legal action relating to church/state issues, issued the ban. He babbled that the cheerleaders “couldn’t talk about it” and couldn’t hold up banners like “warriors for Christ.” (Right, Doocy, this is a taxpayer funded public school – not a parochial school). Brad Scott, their “youth pastor and rally organizers, said that after the ban, the community came togethuur and had a public rally in support of the cheerleaders. The chyron read "JESUS IN THE BLEACHERS, Bible Verse Ban For Football Games.” Scott informed us that students are painting bible verses on their bodies. (Hmm, sounds kinda kinky to me!) A video with a rather, “saftig” young man, with bible verses on his naked upper body, was shown. Doocy, ever the objective “fair and balanced” journalist, said that was “awesome.” The chyron read “WARRIORS FOR CHRIST, Scripture Supporters In Stands.” (Don’t ya love that “peaceful” Christian imagery?) Doocy added that there a two FaceBook pages – one for and one against. Guess which one has “tens of thousands” and which one just has “a handful.” When one of the cheerleaders said she has received lots of supportive e-mails and invitations to speak at youth groups, Doocy said that it must make her feel good after feeling so bad about being banned from holding up the religious banners and added that with people “holding ups signs and wearing tee shirts, that’s gotta make you feel pretty good.” At this point, Doocy was grinning (Steve Doocy says suck it, secularists?)

Comment: There are some serious church/state issues here; but you won’t hear that on Fox&Friends where they are gathered together to ask the Lord’s blessing on these fine “Christian Warriors.” But do ya think that if a school with a large contingent of Muslim students were told to take down their football banners with Koranic verses, Fox&Friends would be so sympathetic? Do ya think that they would be cool with Muslim students waving banners saying “Muslim Warriors?” Just saying….