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Fox&Friends&Bill Donahue In Ongoing War On Larry David – But Priests With Erection Holloween Costumes????

Reported by Priscilla - October 29, 2009 -

Only yesterday, I remarked about how the Catholic League’s Bill Donahue, legionnaire of decency extraordinaire, has had some face time on Fox, during which he is allowed to rant about his newest outrage against Hollywood Jews, gays, and those who defy the macho magesterium. Well, folks, he’s baaaack and up close and personal. Fox set the stage yesterday with an article about how Catholic, Republican accused sexual harasser, and former Karl Rove confidante, Deal Hudson and Catholic crank, Bill Donahue had their celices in an even tighter knot about Larry David (a Jew as Donahue reminded us) who accidentally splashed a drop of urine on a picture of Jesus. The urine thing was part of a comedic devise that was part of the plot of this COMEDY. But it’s being blown (can I use that word, Bill?) out of proportion by zealots who obviously have no sense of humor and are so pissed off! Not, surprisingly Bill Donahue appeared on this morning’s Fox&Friends (the show for persecuted and outraged Christians) where, even without the drag,he still looks like he’s trying out for “Nunsense!”

Fox&Friends began the segment by playing the video of Larry in the bathroom. It is apparent that Larry did not splash on purpose. He looks quizzically at the drop on Jesus’ face and decides not to wipe it off. Good Christian Steve Doocy, looking oh, so serious, said that was the clip were Larry David accidentally spilled urine on a “painting” of Jesus. (The title of the Fox video is “no laughing matter”) Good Christian Gretchen Carlson said that the scene “is infuriating a lot of people who see nothing funny about mocking Jesus.” After she introduced Donahue she said that they got “lots” of e-mail, even from Protestants, who said as Christians they were offended. The chyron – “JUST FOR LAUGHS, When Does Comedy Become Offensive?” Donahue said that a rabbi friend (?) said that he, too, was upset. He launched into his diatribe with “if this had been Obama, they’d say it was racist.” He added that people say it was comedic; but “Imus was being comedic and he was punished.” (Whoa, hold the phone, excuse me but Imus, on a nationally televised radio and TV show, referred to black women basketball players as “nappy headed ho’s” – David did not say, as his opinion, anything derogatory about Jesus.) Bill referenced Michael Richards and Isiah Washington who were also “punished.” (Hmmm, Bill does love that “punishment” – did he enjoy it when "sister" paddled him during those good, old, Catholic school days!) He then cited the names of Joy Behar, Bill Maher, and Rosie O’Donnell, and the people at HBO as other offenders. The chyron read “CURB” YOUR COMEDY, Joke or Religious Statement.” Bill said that he doesn’t know why “our people, Christians are always chosen to be bashed.” He lurched into bizarro land when he rambled about cute littleHalloween costumes of priests, nuns, rabbis, and imams and then said (I’m not kidding) “there’s only one costume of a priest with an erection and that’s a Catholic priest” (Umm, hate to tell you Bill; but there was that pedophile scandal thingie…) “there’s something really sick going on in our society.” (Uh, Bill, I don’t think that the “erect priest” will be going door to door and if he’s at a private party, it’s your business how??)

Doocy did read HBO’s statement about the show being satirical. As the chyron read “CHRISTIAN OUTRAGE, Offended Over Jesus Bathroom Skit” Doocy asked if this is the state of comedy in our society. He added that it reminded him of the NY exhibit of the Virgin Mary “covered with elephant dung.” Donahue brayed that “it’s never some other figure in our society.” (I guess he hasn’t seen the teabagger signs of Obama which, while not using elephant dung, are fairly nasty) Straying further into bizarro world, Donahue said that David wouldn’t like if he put “feces on his mother.” He then started yelling “I’ve been dealing with this stuff for years and am so sick and tired of it” that there’s only one group that they can bash with impunity.” (I guess he hasn’t seen any Woody Allen movies where Allen lampoons Jews). He said that he wasn’t asking people to bash other groups (he wasn’t?) but “all he was asking for was an even playing field…they don’t like Christianity, they are indeed the “secular saboteurs I wrote about.” He concluded by saying that he’s from NY York and likes “edgy stuff” (Go On!!!!) but urinating on a picture of Jesus, I’m sorry.”

Comment: In the interests of “fair and balanced,” will we see anybody, on Fox&Friends, who will defend David? Funny, I don’t recall Fox News getting in a dither about how offensive Ann Coulter’s “jokes” were. Yeah, putting arsenic in SCOTUS Judge Stevens coffee, that was LOL. And saying that the Episcopal Church was “hardly a religion” was so funny. And I imagine that Jews were laughing about how they need to be “perfected.” The “joke” about the death of Dr. Tiller being a “termination” was hilarious. But that’s Coulter being Coulter which is far more offensive than Larry David being Larry David – a comic whose schtick goes after everybody – comedy on a cable network, unlike Coulter’s comedic stylings on a national “news” media stage. But once again, Fox News provides a stage for persecuted Christians. Too bad they can’t get a more lucid spokesperson that Bill Donahue. He so “religulous.”