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Fox News Ambushes Their Latest Target: Rep. Alan Grayson

Reported by Ellen - October 29, 2009 -

Putting aside (temporarily, I'm sure) their obsession with "czars" in the White House, Fox News' latest target for McCarthyism is Rep. Alan Grayson. Still ignoring anything and everything in Grayson's actual record (other than to accuse him of staying late in his office - when he "usually goes home at 3:30 or 4" - just to duck Fox News), Fox is up in arms over some controversial statements made by Grayson - and his refusal to talk to Fox. Now, on top of numerous segments attacking him, Fox News' Griff Jenkins has gone to Capitol Hill to ambush Grayson. Unfortunately for Jenkins and Fox, Grayson was not flummoxed and refused to talk. If only he had repeatedly uttered "Andrea Mackris" and "Hal Turner." That would have been entertaining video! But it would never have been aired.

Jenkins said he and the cameramen were staked out in the hallway until they got a comment. Here's hoping Grayson gives it to them some day!