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OHMAGAWD! Michele Bachmann Was Gretchen Carlson's Babysitter!!

Reported by Priscilla - October 28, 2009 -

And if George Will says it, ergo, it must be true. In a Washington Post article about America's most conspiratorial congressperson, he says this: "When she was a teenager in Anoka, Minn., she was a nanny for a young girl named Gretchen Carlson. Today, Carlson, a Stanford honors graduate who studied at Oxford, is a host of "Fox & Friends," the morning show on -- wouldn't you know -- Fox News Channel." Providing even more credence to this story is the fact that Miss America 1988, when she greeted Bachmann on Fox&Friends said: "Congresswoman Bachmann joins us live now from St. Paul. Good morning to you! I feel like I can call you Michele, because — as people may or may not remember — you were my babysitter growing up! Good to see you again. And look at where you are now " The hand that rocked the cradle, indeed!