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Gretchen Carlson Just Can’t Help Blurting Out Right Wing Talking Points – Or Can She?

Reported by Priscilla - October 28, 2009 -

Fox Opinion News is still maintaining their bogus contention that they are “fair and balanced.” Monday, Gretchen Carlson did an interview, with Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson (who collaborated with Hitchens on a documentary that questions religion), that she felt was “fair and balanced.” But while she tried just so hard – she really, really did – the whole “fair and balanced” meme fell short when Carlson came out with a Christian right wing talking point which provided us with a glimpse of her Freudian slip! It’s not surprising given her strong ideological bent; but she did try so hard to contain that righteous feeling when she just wanted to burst with nasty invective – but she couldn’t and the true Gretchen escaped. I guess the girl can’t help it! But then there’s the possibility that it was scripted. Hmmm…

Gretchen began the interview (which she described as “fair and balanced) by citing statistics which show an increase in the number of people with no religious affiliation. She started by telling Hitchens that he has “made a career out of promoting himself as an atheist” and then asked him what he thought of the numbers in the study. Hitchens said that he wished it was true and that he didn’t build a career on atheism to which good Christian Gretchen said, “you have.” Carlson, whose body language and facial movements (Hey, if Tonya Reiman can do it, so can I) were very constrained and more rigid than usual, must have been upset with Hitchens’ comment that people are turning against religion "because they want to push back against theocracy and the parties of God and the awful challenge they pose to us internationally and also because I think that they resent things like the attempt to nonsense in school like the smuggled through customs name of intelligent design…” (which Bill O'Reilly believes in) Gretchen just couldn’t contain herself so – are you ready – on your mark -get set – go – “By the way, your side seems to be winning in public schools at least across America.” Rather than let Hitchens respond, she turned to Pastor Wilson. As Hitchens tried to get in a word, she said “Well, yes, it is by all accounts things related to religion have gone by-by” at which point Hitchens “snapped” that “science will beat pseudo science every time.” Not smiling, Carlson (speaking in clipped tones) asked a question of Wilson. But Gretchen got her point across. Hosannas were heard across the land.

Comment: The Oxford educated Christopher Hitchens has had a career which has been far more multi faceted than “promoting himself as an atheist.” In addition to his books, he has written for a variety of media outlets. In 2009, Forbes Magazine named him “one of the 25 most influential liberals in US media.” He was also a supporter of George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq. But funny, I don’t think that Gretchen, in interviewing Christian pastors, has accused them of making a career out of promoting themselves as Christians. And speaking of making a career out of promoting themselves as Christians – can we talk Fox&Friends, the go to show for persecuted Christians and those promoting (see Professor Larry Schweikart) what appears to be a Christian agenda in our schools. But didn’t ya love how Gretchen worked in the perfunctory talking point (one that is hammered frequently on Fox&Friends) that the nasty, bad, naughty, degenerate people on Hitchens’s “side” are “winning.” WTF??? Didn’t ya love how she worked that in as a “drive by” comment right before she went over to the reverend – thus eliminating (or so she thought) any chance for a rebuttal. Now, that’s really fair and balanced, LOL!!!! As we have seen on a number of shows, Fox&Friends are all in a dither about how the nasty, bad, naughty, degenerate “secular” (read anti-Jesus) types are trying to enforce their ungodly, sodomite ways on pure and innocent conservative youth and their godly teachers. Ergo, Gretchen owed them a talking point and she delivered. But really, Gretchen, baby talk like “things related to religion have gone by-by?” What does that mean? And shouldn’t that be a separate item for “fair and balanced” discussion? Wait a minute, it’s usually just your side that makes an appearance. If you really want “fair and balanced,” why don’t you invite Hitchens to participate in – say – discussions of how poor Georgia, public school, Christian cheerleaders can’t have their biblical banners at their games? Or perhaps he could go toe to toe with Larry Schweikart. But ya did good, Gretchen. It was fair and balanced in that you were able to score your talking point. But was it a spontaneous eruption of Christian witness or just another move from the Fox Opinion News playbook? Hmmmm…

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