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The Latest President Obama Criticism: Raging Testosterone

Reported by Julie - October 27, 2009 -

In a segment headlined “Too Much Testosterone?” on The O’Reilly Factor last night (10/26/09), O’Reilly explored the front-page story in the New York Times that indicated some women are worried there’s too much testosterone in the White House. In fact, O’Reilly noted, Axelrod, Emanuel and Gibbs are even called “The Boys.” Even though Sarah Palin campaigned on a moose-hunting, gun-toting platform – plenty of testosterone there – she never could quite perfect her “just normal folks” schtick. On the contrary, President Obama has the whole All-American, not too macho, thing going, including family outings, snuggling with his wife, affectionate parenting of his daughters, the White House dog, and, yes, occasionally shooting some hoops outside with the guys. With video.

And, hold up. Wasn’t it then-candidate Obama who was, as reported by the Huffington Post, “described as like a woman; an elusive starlet; too dainty to be considered a real man; not macho enough; not tough enough; kind of a wuss; effete; and Dukakis-like. He is an arugula-eating, calorie-counting, weak-kneed wimp. He is haunted by the specter of John Kerry; almost a bigger pussy than Clinton; the offspring of pinko (i.e. gay) Commie radicals; and a friend of a friend of the former Soviet Union . . . a sissy and a pusillanimous pussyfooter, Obama also bowls like a girl (or like Hillary on Ellen) and has gay-tendencies . He failed the commander-in-chief test and his wimpiness and wordiness conjures memories of AdeLADY Stevenson. Some even argue (with a positive spin) that Obama has a feminine management style and that he is our true first female candidate . . . .” And of course, when President Obama threw out the first pitch at the 2009 All Star Game, he was accused of throwing like a girl and wearing “mom jeans.” Funny, O’Reilly chose not to mention any of these monikers, the fact that certain talkies on Fox have implied the President is not tough enough, or the fact that the President has been in the past criticized for being a little too in touch with his feminine side. In fact, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin referred to the President as "Snob-ama," and criticized the President as being both elite and effete.

O’Reilly played a clip of the “ladies on The View” reacting to the testosterone-rich White House. Elizabeth Hasselback seemed to think women needed to be included in the basketball games. Whoopie thought this was some “kooky, kooky stuff,” that if President Obama wants to play basketball with the guys, so what? Joy Behar noted that President Obama “presents himself as a feminist so the hypocrisy is glaring.”

O’Reilly’s guests were Nina Easton, Washington Bureau Chief for Fortune Magazine and Fox News commentator, and Fox Business anchor, Cheryl Casone.

Easton seemed to think that President Obama was wasting his testosterone on the basketball court, when he should be, oh, I don’t know, waging war on other countries.

Noted Easton, “. . .”There needs to be more testosterone in this particular White House . . . that prompted George W. Bush to . . . send in more troops to Iraq and turn it around . . . make Barack Obama lead the charge on healthcare . . . I’d rather see more, all male, if it has to be, sweaty, aggressive, testosterone-producing men in that White House.”

Casone said, “The boys club still is in effect in many industries, not just the Administration.”

When asked by O’Reilly, “Do you think the Obama Boys Club does reflect that?” Casone replied, “He’s played 23 rounds of golf since he went into office, not one woman’s been invited to play golf . . . .” Wrongo, Casone – Melody Barnes, President Obama’s chief domestic policy advisor, golfed with him – I mean, unless he had her caddying.


But let’s take a look at this whole new attack on President Obama. As reported by ABC News, “In his first year, President Obama has appointed more women to his Cabinet and Cabinet-level positions -- seven out of 22 positions -- than any president before him. President George W. Bush appointed four women to positions of that status; President Bill Clinton appointed six.” And, as noted by Tenured Radical, “I am going to . . . cut to the chase: who the President plays basketball with has nothing to do with key feminist issues like the right to choose, equal pay for equal work, violence, homelessness, child care, health care, social security, welfare or institutional discrimination . . . To return to the New York Times for a moment, what seems really sexist to me is the article itself . . . Leibovich notes that since he was elected the President ‘has demonstrated an encyclopedic knowledge of college hoops on ESPN, indulged a craving for weekend golf, expressed a preference for adopting a `big rambunctious dog' over a `girlie dog' and hoisted beer in a peacemaking effort.’ Can I just say, Mark, that aside from the fact that they rarely get elected to anything, this would describe a lot of lesbians I know too? Or Sarah Palin?” So what’s more important, anyway? Who he plays ball or golf or pool or poker with, or how many women he appoints to powerful positions in his Administration?

O’Reilly pointed out the presence of Valerie Jarrett, a powerful force in the White House, as well as Michelle Obama, who, he noted, is certainly a powerful presence in the White House.

“I don’t know if this Boys Club thing is real,” O’Reilly said skeptically.

Said Easton, “If you take it out of the realm of the silliness, which I think the golf playing is . . . when we want men to start jumping rope with the first lady on the lawn with schoolchildren. . . it is fair to say . . . on the economic team, for example, it really is run by men . . . .” I’m not sure, as a feminist, what my position is supposed to be here. If it’s fair to assume that women should be included in the golfing and hoop-shooting if they want to be, it would seem also to be reasonable to include the men in the jump-roping if they are so inclined. It seems a little, well, sexist to assume men don’t like Double Dutch.

O’Reilly asked Casone, “Are you upset as a woman that there aren’t more powerful women in play at the Obama White House?”

“Yes, yes I am . . . ,” replied Casone. “I’ll tell you what offended me . . . when Valerie Jarrett supposedly had a sit down . . . when they sat down with female reporters and had cookies and milk . . . .”

Easton disagreed with Casone, saying, “I’m not offended by the cookies and milk . . . men and women socialize in different ways . . . to take this particular White House to task for it I think . . . belies the reality of the rest of the world . . . I think it’s fair to note it . . . .”

Watching this clip, all I could think was: For Pete’s sake. The guy can’t use Dijon mustard as a condiment without being criticized as effete – primarily by Fox. He threw a bad pitch and he was deemed a sissy – by Rush Limbaugh, among others. He wore a pair of comfortable, loose-fitting jeans and they were termed “mom jeans.” His contemplative style draws criticism for not being aggressive enough. And now he’s accused of having raging testosterone for routinely choosing to play basketball and golf with guys instead of women.

The folks at Fox need to take a meeting, coordinate the slams. We can’t, after all, have Hannity talking about the Pres like he’s a wuss, and O’Reilly talking about him like he’s Hulk Hogan. If they keep this up, the Fox News viewers are going to be very confused about what they’re supposed to hate about him.