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Neil Cavuto Wants To Break Into Senate Health Care Negotiations

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 27, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On yesterday’s (10/26/09) Your World, Neil Cavuto continued obsessing on the closed Senate door behind which health care negotiations have been going on. “Door Gate is still an issue,” Cavuto declared. Later, he interviewed John Galka, a/k/a “Mr. Handyman,” about ways to force open the door. With video.

"So you can open any door and keep it open,” Cavuto said to Galka. Cavuto "I call you, the handyman. I'm saying I can't get in Harry Reid's office, how would you help me?" Comment: Did Harry invite you, Neil?

Galka said, "Once we’ve exhausted the traditional knocking and checking to see if we actually had the key… we can go straight for the lock. Take and drill that lock out, simply open the door."

"What kind of tools… you were very kind enough to bring some of your tools. Are there any that you would particularly favor?" Cavuto asked.

Galka suggested, "Get as many guys with… as large a hammer as you can find, and you pound on that door until it opens."

Cavuto joked, "John, I expect more of you, you’re the handyman. And I can hammer something open… Is there a way to make sure that the door never bolts shut?"

"There's a variety of ways to simply keep the door open,” Galka responded. “We have… cheap, simple solutions, we have hooks that can be mounted on the wall." After offering some other possibilities, Galka suggested that the best and easiest thing might be to remove the door and discarding it. “One or two technicians could remove such a door… (within) a half hour."

The segment was obviously tongue in cheek. But how would Cavuto like it if someone aired a segment about breaking down a locked door in his home or office? This may have been the worst segment I've ever seen on Fox. I was sick watching it.