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More Union Bashing On Fox News

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 27, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On Saturday's (10/24/09) Forbes on Fox, the gang talked about Carnegie Hall stagehands making $500,000 a year. Not surprisingly, most of the panel was aghast. With video.

Panelist Mike Maiello greeted the news enthusiastically. "I love it when I see highly skilled, highly trained workers are making bankers’ salary in an activity that actually enriches rather than imperils it. You know, they never had to bail out Carnegie Hall."

Victoria Barrett said, "This isn't where unions help America. If you want to look to what unions do to America, let’s look to Detroit, Mike, 17.3% unemployment, that's a heavily unionized city, it doesn't help the middle class."

Comment: Barrett uses high unemployment to bash unions? What about upper management and cheap labor?

Quentin Hardy made a good point. "I think it's great because it finally solves our argument about whether or not salaries should be capped. If you think these salaries should be capped, you must think Wall Street's salaries should be capped. Those 5 guys add up to 1/6000th of what Goldman Sachs is going to pay out in bonuses."

Steve Forbes said, "That's… like saying the Mafia is good for the middle class." (on whether this was a good thing)

Mike Ozanian said, "It's bad for the overall economy. If you look at countries with the highest union memberships… the US and Hong Kong have a much higher GDP per person than Sweden or Germany."

Elizabeth MacDonald cited Peter Orszag, formerly of the CBO, now director of the Office of Management and Budget, saying middle class wages went up 30% from 1991-2005 as union membership went down, and an Art Laffer study saying the best performing states were the least unionized.

Unions helped create the middle class
. Fox cited union wages at about $24/hr, versus $16/hr for non-union workers. Fox hates unions!