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Glenn Beck Crops Obama “Punished With Baby” Quote

Reported by Priscilla - October 27, 2009 -

Monday night, Glenn Beck engaged in an interminable monologue about how today’s youth are self centered and really do want to kill grandma. He began by citing how he was called a “mad man” by Time Magazine because he spoke of “death panels.” He then used a letter to the editor of Time which discussed how Obama should focus on college students rather than the elderly in any consideration of health care reform. The writer ended with “step aside grandma.” Beck used this quote to demonstrate that “we have raised a whole generation of killers.” (He should read Fox Nation to see how the older and certainly not wiser generation of a certain demographic – read white, conservative Christians – have no problems with a presidential assassination). Obviously, we don’t know if the writer of the letter is being serious or trying to punk the readers. We don’t know if the letter writer did so at Beck’s behest. But at any rate, her name and location were shown, so she’s probably getting death threats as we speak. And in bemoaning the state of callow and shallow youth who disrespect their wiser elders, Beck took an Obama quote and cropped it so that its full context was not addressed. But this is Fox Opinion News so it’s all good.

Beck talked, ad nauseum, about how today’s young people only think about themselves (not like elderly Teabaggers who care so much about those who do need the safety net of the government – not!). He claimed that because their parents have spoiled them, they have a sense of entitlement and as such, expect easy solutions to their problems. He stated “our schools encourage kids to take the pill without their parent’s consent.” (Which schools, Glenn? But let’s encourage abstinence. How’s that working out in the Bible Belt?) “If you get pregnant, don’t worry about it Planned Parenthood will take you across the border…you don’t want to be punished with a baby.” He then played Obama saying “"Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.” Beck repeated “punished” (he paused dramatically) “with a baby. How about punishing the baby? How about killing the baby? You don’t have to worry, there are no ramification, we’ll make that go away.” He then started braying about how “we’ve bought into the lie that there is no free lunch, that there is no right and wrong” and it’s time to stop giving trophies for everything, blah, blah, blah and in a channeling of Rush Limbaugh blithered about how all outcomes are not equal.

Comment: Here’s the thing, Beck. If a teenage girl gets pregnant and keeps the baby, she and her child will be at a marked disadvantage in life. If she wishes to continue with an education, that will make her a contributing member of society, she will need financial and emotional support. If her family is not able to provide it, she will need to rely on the type of programs that Glenn Beck and his cult followers wish to see eliminated. If anything, these wise “elders” would love to see things go back to the good old days when pregnant girls where shamed and left school because they had “mono.” And while there are lots of folks who would love a nice, cute white baby, minority kids aren’t easy to place. It’s not an easy decision; but thankfully, there are options which include safe and legal abortion. So, yeah, it is a punishment no matter how you look at it. But getting back to Obama’s quote. He completed the sentence with this: “I don't want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn't make sense to not give them information." Wise words, indeed. But again, these are the kinds of programs that Beck and his cult followers don’t want funded. If Beck operated in a reality based world, he could have used this quote as a jumping off point for a “fair and balanced” discussion of the impact of teen pregnancy and STD’s and how adequate sex education can work to counteract them. But no, it wouldn’t have fit the agenda which always includes a good Obama jab. And can you imagine the outrage from Beck, and others at Fox Opinion News, if Keith Olbermann or Michael Moore had said that kids from evangelical households (where they’re taught that gays and abortion doctors deserve the wrath of God) will be the next generation of killers! But here’s the other thing. As a former drug/alchohol addict, who doesn’t have a college degree in anything let alone child psychology, should Glenn Beck, who traffics in lies, personal attacks, and bizarre conspiracies, be pontificating about how real Americans are raising their children?

Addendum: One of our readers took issue with what s/he (bet it's a he) saw as my "agreement" with Obama that a pregnant teen who has a baby is being punished and that, somehow, underscored what Beck was saying. I disagree. My "context" was very different from Beck's who used the quote to show that even Barack Obama is part of this culture that wants to avoid responsibility for its problems. He tried to say that a decision to have an abortion is presented as "no big deal" when, as I said, it is a serious matter. Yes, it is a "punishment" for an unmarried minor to be saddled with a child and there's nothing wrong with expressing it that way. Beck, however, uses it as a perjorative against those who, according to his world view, have the wrong world view. It was a comment that was peddled by the anti-choice, anti-Obama lobby after Obama said it. Obama wasn't saying this to minimalize abortion. He said it in the context of why comprehensive sex education is so important. If children are given the correct information, they are less likely to be in the situation where they can "kill the baby." But that's not what Beck wanted to articulate in his lecture on morality and responsibility. Context is everything. You won't get it with Beck, though. And nowhere did I say that Beck "lied" during this diatribe although his comment that schools promote taking birth control pills is peddling misinformation. His lies are part of his ongoing schtick and are well documented.