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Sally Quinn Helps Fox News Attack Rep. Alan Grayson And The White House

Reported by Ellen - October 26, 2009 -

I can understand someone, especially someone like Sally Quinn, the very epitome of mainstream media, finding Rep. Alan Grayson’s blunt advocacy too over the top, but what I can’t understand is going on Fox News and complaining about Grayson’s language, comparing him to Gov. Rod Blagojevich even, while overlooking the far more incendiary, more extremist rhetoric that goes over the “fair and balanced” air waves (or cable wires) every day. With video.

Quinn probably has an image of herself as some kind of independent, call-the-shots–as-she-sees-them type and I'll bet she thought she was playing that role on The O’Reilly Factor Friday night (10/23/09) when she spent an entire segment attacking first Grayson and then the White House. I’ve got no problem with someone speaking their mind. It's what I like about Grayson. But if Quinn was so offended by Grayson’s rhetoric, why hasn’t she spoken out about Glenn Beck’s? I Googled "Sally Quinn" and "Glenn Beck" and found nothing. Did she not find it the tiniest bit hypocritical of Fox to be complaining about Grayson when one of their own hosts, Glenn Beck, makes Grayson’s comments look almost milquetoast-like by comparison? Sean Hannity is just a notch less extreme in his rhetoric. And he features a daily diet of guests who are just as incendiary. Did Quinn not consider why Fox News had singled out Grayson for censure while condoning - promoting even - far more inflammatory rhetoric from the right? Or did Quinn deliberately overlook the glaring inconsistency of standards in an effort to cozy up to Fox and/or the right? Whatever her reasons, they don’t wash.

Quinn not only criticized Grayson, she almost seemed to be trying to outdo Bill O’Reilly in her attacks.

So when O’Reilly said Grayson “sounds like a loon,” Quinn replied that she doesn’t know him but “He’s obviously getting the attention that he desperately needs.”

An obviously pleased O’Reilly asked, “He’s certainly kind of unhinged. When you hear rhetoric like that… doesn’t it sound a little immature?”

Quinn replied, “Well, I think it’s worse than immature. I mean, what he said was so completely over the top that it… reminded me a little bit of Blagojevich.”

“That’s good… yeah,” O’Reilly said, sounding very pleased now. “Unhinged,” he repeated. There’s nothing Fox News likes better than someone they perceive as liberal attacking another liberal.

If Quinn noticed how happy O’Reilly was with her responses, it didn’t seem to bother her. Either that or she was aiming to please. “Yeah, unhinged,” she continued. “It made no sense and, so I don’t think you can take it seriously. I also think… I can’t imagine the Democrats feeling good about this or The White House feeling good… You don’t want this guy, sort of, on your team.” She laughed derisively.

Then she moved on to agree with O’Reilly that the White House’s “war against Fox News” is “dumb and dumber.”