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Robert Greenwald Tells It Like It Is About Fox News

Reported by Ellen - October 26, 2009 -

Robert Greenwald was on MSNBC's The Ed Show Friday (10/23/09) discussing the Obama administration's calling out Fox News. As usual, Robert got right to the heart of the issue and why it matters. "It's exciting. We should all get up and cheer and thank them for doing it. Because, remember, Ed, the crucial thing with Fox News has always been not the people who watch Fox, but every other news organization, except for yours, that has in the past picked up the lies, picked up the distortions, and amplified the message that Fox is trying to drive out there. With the Obama administration calling them out, I hope and believe it will be harder for the other news organizations to play follow the leader." Oh, and he gave us a nice shout out, too. Video after the jump.