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Jane Hall Departs Fox Opinion News Due, In Part, To Glenn Beck

Reported by Priscilla - October 25, 2009 -

Where have all the Fox News non conservatives gone, long time passing…? First they came for Neal Gabler (waaaaay too librul ). David Corn replaced him for several session of Fox News Watch; but because he was waaaaay too librul he soon disappeared. Then HANNITY and colmes became HANNITY. Mark Lamont Hill (PhD from University of Pennsylvania) recently was disappeared from "America’s Newsroom" because he was too “uppity?” (Notice my use of the "Cavuto Mark?") And now, another voice of reason on Fox News Watch has also left the building.

H/T to that sexy beast Noel Sheppard (but in a chaste, Christian, and heterosexual manner) at Newsbusters – tee hee!!!!

Jane Hall (Masters in Journalism from Columbia University) told Howard Kurtz, on CNN, that one of the reasons that she left Fox News was because she was not comfortable with Glenn Beck (no undergraduate degree). She who describes herself as, not a librul, but a moderate stated that Beck "should be called out as somebody whose language is way over the top and scary." She also said that there is less debate on Fox News. But not to worry folks, Fox News Watch still has Cal Thomas – he of the fancy couture (not that there’s anything wrong with it) and opinions straight of the “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy school of politics. So it’s all good. Oh, and regarding Professor Hall – her departure is understandable – but who can blame her! She will be missed.

The video is worth watching as it presents a good analysis of the Fox vs. White House thingie. Ms. Hall also gets in a good snap at Bill O’Reilly’s expense.