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Fox & Friends Weekend’s Dave Briggs Doesn’t Know San Diego is in California . . . But He Knows the Tea Party Express II Kicked Off There

Reported by Julie - October 25, 2009 -

Okay, so the Tea Party Express II is on the way – kicked off just today, as a matter of fact, in San Diego. It’s a whirlwind tour of 38 cities, and they’re calling it “Countdown to Judgment Day.” Fox & Friends Weekend’s Dave Briggs gave a forum to a couple of dudes, including one of the Tea Party Express II organizers, Mark Williams, and crooner and writer of the “Tea Party Anthem,” Lloyd Marcus (see my previous post on Marcus here). Oh, and hey – Briggs wanted us to know that the tour kicks off in San Diego, “goes up to California,” and wraps around the country to its ultimate destination, Orlando, Florida. Did I miss something? Did San Diego get kicked out of California? With video.

If Dave Briggs is a little confused about geography, the Tea Party II baggers or whatever they’re calling themselves seem to be a little confused about the message. As reported by Fox News, the tea party protests that sprang to life in the spring were created “to protest tax policies.” Okay, tax policies -- right. Having attended a couple of teabagging protests, I can say unequivocally that “tax policies” were but a tiny sliver of the theme (see News Hounds posts here, here and here). As depicted in these photos (just a few of many I took),




the ruse of protesting tax policies barely concealed the real agenda – protesting the fact of our new black President.

Leap forward to September when, wow, at least 2 million angry people descended on Washington, D.C. to protest . . . something. I’m joking about the 2 million. That’s the Fox News number – but we now know that neither geography nor mathematics is their strong suit. The actual number of protesters, as reported by ABC News, was “tens of thousands.”

And now, here we are, with yet another group of angry, loud, white people jumping in their RVs and traveling the country to protest stuff. And here’s where the message is as all over the road as the Tea Party Express bus.

Williams noted that we’re nearing the one-year period before the next election and “we want the politicians in Washington to know that all the earlier rants, all the earlier passion, all the earlier tea parties, all the town meetings, are all going to come together in 2010 on election day and these guys better be on the right side of that equation.” It sure sounds like a lot of people coming together on election day – a group of ranters and a group of passionate folks and groups from the earlier tea parties and groups from the town meetings, too . . . except, you know, I’d wager that most of them are the same people, and even at a million strong, they represent a small percentage of the voting public.

Briggs asked Marcus, “The message of these tea parties – what are you unhappy with?”

“Okay, look,” Marcus began rambling, “On, on, 9, uh, 9/11 there was a million people in Washington, uh, D.C., protesting Obamacare and they’re still going to push this thing through so they’re not listening and we’re gonna vote them out in 2010 and we’re gonna be on the road firing up the American people and telling them to keep fighting hard and fighting strong.” Okay, so they’ve changed their message from “tax policies” to “Obamacare.” Fair enough.

Williams chimed in, “We’re finding there’s a tremendous amount of frustration out there, it’s simply not being heard and not being listened to by, in Washington . . . they’re still ‘dissing us . . . .” Okay, so it’s “tax policies,” “Obamacare,” and being “dissed.” Broader, but still doable.

When pressed for specifics about the “frustration,” Williams summed it up.

“It’s over not being listened to, it’s over the ridiculous spending, it’s over intrusion, it’s over the utter lack of priorities and common sense and it’s over the idiocy and the pettiness of somebody like the President of the United States attacking a news organization, Fox News for example, and Rush Limbaugh.” Being a good Fox News soldier, Briggs couldn’t, of course, mention that the Fox News’ war on the President began long before the President’s push-back against Fox News.

Okay, so that’s it, then -- the message: “Tax policies,” “Obamacare,” being “dissed,” spending, intrusion, lack of priorities, lack of common sense, idiocy and pettiness of President Obama, and defense of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

Marcus threw in one more: “It’s over the Czars, a gazillion G’zars.”

Okay, let me amend the message: “Tax policies,” “Obamacare,” being “dissed,” spending, intrusion, lack of priorities, lack of common sense, idiocy and pettiness of President Obama, and defense of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and the Czars.

Briggs asked Lloyd about Janeane Garofalo’s comment about the “racist rednecks” at the tea parties.

Marcus responded, “I would like to publicly thank her for caring so much for a poor, dumb colored boy like me. This is the lady who says any black person who doesn’t love their country or think that they’re a victim they must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. That’s totally absurd.”

What’s totally absurd is the fact that Marcus completely misquoted Garofalo – no, let me amend that; he actually didn’t misquote her, he made up out of whole cloth a statement she didn’t make. In fact, in her mention of “Stockholm Syndrome,” she was describing white guys: “"Who else is Fox talking to? Urban older white guys and their girlfriends who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?”

Briggs gave the obligatory Fox News plug of the TPE II, showing his excellent grasp of west coast geography and describing how the tour starts in San Diego, goes up to California, wraps around the country, and finishes in Orlando, Florida.

Williams plugged the website, said they were heading up to Griffith Park in L.A., and proudly announced, “We’re expecting protesters in Griffith Park.”

Marcus giggled, waved his hands, and said mockingly, “Ooooh.”

This new agenda of theirs, “Countdown to Judgment Day” – I’m with the Daily Kos on this one: “I actually don't know what the fuck that means.” And, I suspect, neither do they.