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Aunty Em Demands A Correction From The Glenn Beck Show

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 24, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Aunty Em

On Sunday, I caught Glenn Beck in a mistake. But despite his promise to correct any misinformation on his show, I have yet to see a retraction.

On Sunday I posted about The Beckerhead’s pushback against White House charges that Faux Noise is a research and propaganda arm of the Republican Party. I wrote:

“This is the enemy, America! Everything that’s going wrong in the country happening right here!!” he shouted. Then switching to his soft, sincere voice to re-write history, “Let me tell you something. Write this day down in your journal. Because, this is a new thing. We haven’t seen anything like this. Okay. Yeah. JFK, he did cancel the newspaper one time when he got really upset, but then he resubscribed. And there was that Enemy List with Nixon, but I think the Enemy List –I believe—that whole thing? That was just who’s not comin to state dinners. [I] could be wrong. I don’t think that they’ve used White House resources –your tax dollars— to target the media before.”

As I also wrote:

Could be wrong? He couldn’t be more wrong. Nixon used the FBI, IRS, and burglars to go after those on his Enemies List

It’s been more than a week since he pushed this falsehood and so far there have been no signs that he will retract. Since Beckereeno has always said he would correct any misinformation on his show, here’s his chance to put up, or shut up.

You can’t re-write history, Glenn. It’s already happened. Correct the record. If you don’t correct the record then we can simply assume you are a lyin’ sack of feces, just like how that telephone don’t ring between 5 & 6 EST.

With all my love,
Aunty Em