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Hate Crimes Bill On Its Way To Obama’s Desk!!! What Say You Fox News???

Reported by Priscilla - October 23, 2009 -

Despite all the prayers and entreaties of the homophobic “Christian” faithful, aided and abetted by America’s mouthpiece for the American Taliban (whoops, the religious right), Fox News, the Matthew Shepherd bill, which makes violence against gays and lesbians a hate crime, passed the senate and is heading for the President’s desk. Is there a lesson for Fox News that fomenting hatred has its limits?

Can’t say, though, that Fox didn’t do its best to spread the gospel of hate in its “opinion” coverage of legislation which is long overdue. Sean Hannity, good Christian that he is, actually lied about the bill when he claimed that it would “protect pedophiles.” In saying this, he was in complete agreement with his guest, the very homophobic republican member of Congress, Steve King. (Hannity also provided King a platform from which to bash Obama’s gay “Safe School Czar,” Kevin Jennings. Is there a pattern developing? Hannity "calls" and King "responds?") Fellow good Christian Bill O’Reilly, in keeping with the right wing meme about the pedophile connection, also told a fib when he claimed that pedophiles would be protected under the bill. And not to be outdone, the good Christian Fox&Friends gang actually said that the bill would protect terrorists – really! And they interviewed a guy from the right wing Cato Institute to further explain how this bill would jeopardize national security. Nowhere in this “opinion” coverage, was the bill properly explained. Nowhere in this opinion coverage, was the appalling violence towards the LGBT community noted. The Fox News website even had an article about “Why Hate Crimes Bill May Be Doomed.” But despite its best efforts by the forces of intolerance to derail the bill, it passed. Somewhere Matthew Shepherd, a victim of the violence spawned by intolerance, is smiling.