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Hannity Says Jennings “Criticism” Not Homophobic? Fox Nation Link To Homophobic Site Says Otherwise!

Reported by Priscilla - October 22, 2009 -

Sean Hannity, in rebutting an article in the Huffington Post whose author stated that those opposed to Kevin Jennings are “big, old homophobes,” denied that homophobia had anything to do with the criticisms: “Not surprisingly, Miss Garry sat on the finance committee for Obama for America. She cites no evidence to suggest that criticism of Jennings by me or by anybody else was motivated by his sexual orientation. You know why? Because there is none.” As an openly gay member of congress, who is also subject to constant homophobic smears by the nice folks who post comments on a Murdoch website, once said, “on what planet do you spend most of your time?” While Hannity told the radically homophobic and otherwise other worldly member of congress, Steve King (Iowa) that he is a “libertarian” when it comes to people’s sexual mores, his attacks on Jennings were totally based on Jennings’ sexual orientation and to say otherwise is quite disingenuous. His “libertarian” comment came before allowing Rep. King to go on a homophobic tirade against Jennings! (History found here.) Not only is Hannity playing the victim; but he’s full of crap because today, on Fox Nation, there is yet another attack on Jennings and this attack is based on an article from a radical, homophobic, hate group which is attacking Jenning on the basis of his “association” with ACT UP and a nasty, bad art exhibit at Harvard.

“Mass Resistance” is, according to the SPLC, an official “hate group” – in the same category as the “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church. A member of their group, Brian Cemenker, led a workshop at the recent American Taliban “Take Back America” Conference titled “How to Counter the Homosexual Extremist Movement.” Last year, one of their members was arrested, after a police chase, for taking unauthorized photos of high school students because he thought that was the venue for a meeting of the Massachusetts Commission on LGBT youth. They even attacked Mitt Romney for being too tolerant of teh gay! So they’re now in a snit about a Harvard art exhibit that features ACT UP posters from the early days when ACT UP was trying to focus attention on a disease that was devastating the gay community. The exhibit, titled “ACT UP NEW YORK: ACTIVISM, ART, AND THE AIDS CRISIS, 1987–1993,” is an “exhibition of visual media in AIDS activism marks 20 year anniversary of the formation of ACT UP New York -- Premiere of the ACT UP Oral History Project.” As noted by Helen Molesworth, Harvard Art Museum’s Maisie K. and James R. Houghton Curator of Contemporary Art, “many of today’s generation have forgotten the imagery, the movement, and its importance. ‘It is so disturbing that there seems to be this real sense of cultural amnesia around this pivotal time’.”

So no big whoop – but the Mass Resistance guys are all in a dither about the “depraved” exhibit (which they obviously snuck a peak at!) especially those posters which picture Catholic clergy, who opposed AIDS education and condom use as sinful, in a less than flattering light. (Where was “Mass Resistance” during the Massachusetts pedophile priest scandal?) Accompanying the photos of the posters on their website, they say homophobic stuff like this: “In the early 1990s the homosexual movement was able to get "AIDS education" forced into the New York public schools” and “The "next generation" is very important to the homosexual movment.” (Ewww, scary "gay agenda") But in addition to venting their spleen about the art exhibit, they decide to connect it to Kevin Jennings and in so doing, paint him as a “depraved” pervert. Not surprisingly, Fox Nation links to these disgusting homophobes (via Gateway Pundit) and in so doing, blows Hannity’s assertion right out of the water. And not surprisingly, the Fox Nation comments are the usual brand of ignorant (and very “Christian”) homophobia.

Hate group Mass Resistance uses their article about the exhibit to target Jennings with this article "Safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings helps Harvard celebrate homosexual terrorist group "Act Up” which begins with this sentence: “If you want to know what Americans can expect in public schools, look no further.” The homophobia continues: “This exhibit is a window into what the homosexual movement thinks of you, your children, religion, and America. It involves sexual perversion, child pornography, and anti-Catholic bigotry. And it's what your "safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings supports.” Yeah, Jennings supported the exhibit; but so did a bunch of other reputable people and Apple Inc. And as part of their homophobic smear they cite Jennings “guilt by association” with ACT UP and thus promote the idea that Jennings was involved in ACT UP radical activity without a shred of evidence.

Comment: Homophobic attacks on Kevin Jennings? Ya think! And about “offensive” posters – I think the Teabaggers have cornered the market on that one. Unlike those at the museum, those Obama as Hitler, witchdoctor, and shoeshine boy are right out in public. BTW, one of the Harvard exhibits is a neon sign with the pink triangle and “silence = death.” This was the one that the Mass Resistance described as “the reason for pushing their agenda in everybody’s faces.” First, the early silence about AIDS did = the deaths of far too many. Second, the pink triangle was the sign that Hitler required gays to wear – an insignia that they wore when they were marched off to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps – a product of hatred and intolerance. Fox Nation, ya think!

And memo to Mass Resistance: Don’t go to Amsterdam. On second thought, you might enjoy it!