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“Patriotic” Beck Says Progressives Were Once Called “Tyrants” And “Slave Owners”

Reported by Ellen - October 21, 2009 -

Glenn Beck ratcheted up his hate mongering a notch yesterday (10/20/09) to include all progressives, an expansion upon his usual targets, the members of the Obama administration. And instead of the usual cries of “socialism!” Beck added a few new (to me, anyway) smears: According to Beck, progressives would have been seen by Samuel Adams, Beck’s witch hunt prop-of-the-day, as “Tyrants” and “Slave Owners.” But the essence was the same old Beck McCarthyism: Progressives (just like Obama and his administration) are anti-American. With video.

“In the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to read a different Founding Father all the time,” Beck began. He didn’t mention whether or not he actually understood what he's been reading. As Think Progress recently reported, Thomas Paine, whom Beck purportedly reveres, has the kind of radical ideas that would make Beck yell “Socialism!” faster than you can pretend to boil a frog if Barack Obama were to espouse them.

“I’m currently reading about Samuel Adams,” Beck said. Then, having established (in his mind, probably) his patriotic bona fides, he spent the rest of the segment attacking his fellow countrymen whom he considers progressive. This, by the way, came after his nearly 20-minute opening monologue about a multi-pronged attack on freedom of speech being “waged by progressives on every single front.” “To progressives,” Beck now said, “individuals aren’t the engine that make this country move, no, no, no… You can’t be trusted with certain freedoms, like freedom of speech.” Never mind that Beck is always conducting witch hunts over comments that people have made.

“We call them progressives now, but back in Samuel Adams’ day, they used to call them ‘tyrants.’” Beck never explained what Adams defined as a tyrant and what evidence he found that Adams would have viewed progressives as tyrants. Similarly, Beck added, “A little later, I think they were also called ‘slave owners.’ People who’d encourage you to become more dependent on them. And it’s working.” Excuse me, but my definition of slave owner is not someone who would encourage someone else to become more dependent on them. It’s someone who owns laborers. Beck never explained who, besides, himself, would apply such a label to progressives.

His proof that “it's working?” People flocked to “government offices over rumors of stimulus checks being handed out” in Detroit, New York and Ohio. Beck showed huge lines from Detroit. Instead of remarking on the possible tragedy of so many desperate people, Beck mocked them. “Nothing better than free government money that they don’t know where it came from,” he sneered. “We cheer for the $250 check Obama writes for social security recipients. Like little mice we cheer at the crumb that we get off the table.” Of course, Beck can well afford to scorn needy people. But for those of us not earning multi-millions a year, a $250 check could make a big difference.

“It’s no longer, ‘Ask what you can do for your country. It’s what’s Obama gonna give me,” Beck continued.

Wait a minute. Isn’t this the same guy who has been attacking Obama for promoting volunteerism and service? Beck never explained how or why Obama would be sinisterly promoting volunteerism and service while also fostering a culture of gimme. I'm sure it fits somehow into his Master Plan for Global Domination and Socialism.

Then, perhaps worried that all those attacks on his fellow citizens might have made us forget what a patriot Beck really is, he put up a graphic of Adams’ words. It was antiqued, with a photo of Adams and a quote on a parchment-looking background. But the meaning was clear. “Wherever tyranny is establish’d, immorality of every kind comes in like a torrent.” Nice. Progressives are not just tyrants, they breed immorality.

But that’s not all. Beck continued, “Those who are combined to destroy the people’s liberties, practice every art to poison their morals. How greatly then does it concern us, at all events, to put a stop to the progress of tyranny.”

So what does Beck have up his sleeve to "stop" "at all events" the "progress of tyranny?" Something tells me we'll find out on the next show. “Will you know today how much you have coming tomorrow,” Beck said, with a malicious gleam in his eye. Though he had promised to unveil some big new revelations on that show, he put them off for today.