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Fox&Friends - Your Morning “Juggies” Booty Call

Reported by Priscilla - October 20, 2009 -

While Jimmy Kimmel’s man show did feature large breasted women, it was a cable show. Fox&Friends is a popular morning show, on a major cable network, that must have kids in its audience as Steve Doocy did ask them to send examples of evil, librul textbooks to Fox&Friends. Fox&Friends features persecuted Christians who get a sympathetic ear from Miss America 1988 and “culture warrior,” Gretchen Carlson, who bemoans the lack of proper moral standards in this evil, librul society. Only last week, she was concerned about a high school cheerleading routine that was, in her good Christian mind, a grave example of dirty dancing. But meanwhile, Gretchen’s Fox&Friends, is the place for impressionable youth to see American “juggies” and bodacious “booty” in all its glory. Not only do we have Hooters girls there to serve “the guys” (boobs in another sense!) hot wings; but now we have the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders appearing as examples of role models for physical fitness. I’m sure it’s quite uplifting for American daddies as they race off to work and for pubescent junior on his way to librul indoctrination in our schools. It’s all heterosexual, so it’s good!!!!

Last week, on Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture Warriors” segment, our lady of the Gopher State, in discussing the dance moves of the cheerleaders in the video, said that “spreading your legs and shaking your booty” were “overtly sexual.” She didn’t like them “bending over.” When O’Reilly said that the routine was similar to the type of thing the Los Angeles Lakers cheerleaders did, Gretchen asserted that high school girls shouldn’t be emulating professional cheerleaders and that “racy” routines send the wrong message. But yet – but yet, this morning Fox&Friends features a routine, by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, which features a great deal of booty shaking and bending over (in outfits far more revealing than the high school girls) to show that booty as, according to their coach, role models for anti obesity. And never shy about promoting products or programs, the brown haired guy who isn’t Steve Doocy, introduced Megan Fox (no, not that Megan Fox) a well cleavaged cheerleader who has a new reality show, about the training of the squad, on CMT (eeh, hah!). The music was “boom, boom, shake, now drop” by Pitbull. And while it is a great work out song, I do question the seeming cognitive dissonance between the Fox News moralizing about the lack of "family values" in librul Hollywood and lyrics like: “I wanna see ya work (work) that pole 'till 'till 'till you get sweaty. I wanna hit it from from the back. I promise you'll like it if you let me.. Cause I like booty n tigg ol bittys…Don't be scared shake that thang…We got plenty of cash girl.You you call your friends n then I I call my friends N we can do the thang in the back back of the benz..” (Yo, yo, Bill O’Reilly, there are videos of this available which you could use for your “culture warriors” thang. I know you’re not a rap fan; but you do appreciate “tigg ol bittys…”).

It’s all so confusing. On one hand, we have “culture warriors” saying that women should be appreciated for their minds and that impressionable young women shouldn’t be emulating professional cheerleaders while at the same time we have “boom, boom, shake, now drop.” As I’ve said before, there’s something for everyone at Fox Opinion News. Oh, and if you want to get Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader DVD’s, the information is on the video. And BTW, it’s not that I’m jealous of the cheerleaders who aerobically and physically are in fantastic shape – it’s the weird yin and yang, dare I say hypocrisy, of Fox Opinion News.