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Fox Nation Nuclear Cloud Incites Talk Of Violence

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 18, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Hula

For a few days now, Fox Nation has featured a nuclear cloud prominently on their website and proffered the headline: "Dems Pave Way for Nuclear Option." The article refers to language in one of the Committee versions of the health care reform bill that “could” allow the Senate to pass the legislation with 51 votes instead of the usual 60 needed to avoid a filibuster. Funny, how we can't recall similar outrage from Fox News when the Republicans were threatening to use their own nuclear option.

Not surprisingly, this article spurred on threats of voter reprisal. But it also engendered at least one more Fox Nation death threat that the moderators approved.

The comment below, from “Ron in Cal” saying that “it's almost time to pop a cap on the dems soon” has been on the thread for more than 48 hours, despite the fact that another reader publicly flagged it several minutes later as threatening murder. All comments on Fox Nation are moderated. That means that someone approved the original threat and someone approved the comment pointing out that it contained a threat and still thought the “pop a cap on the dems” comment was appropriate. “Pop a cap” is a well-known term for shooting someone.