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“Rodeo Clown” Glenn Beck Says He Wants To Engage In Serious Dialogue With The White House

Reported by Ellen - October 14, 2009 -

Glenn Beck describes himself as “a rodeo clown” when he’s under scrutiny for his inflammatory theatrics. Never mind that instead of “rodeos” and “clowns,” Beck’s milieu is a cable news network nor that he “entertains” by calling President Obama a socialist and making incendiary insinuations against other public figures, and without doing any real reporting. McCarthyism by schtick, if you will. But Beck doesn’t just use people as foils, he also uses current-events topics, subjects that just happen to be of crucial import and impact to his audience, like health care and the economy. Beck’s act is almost always wrapped up in a sincerely voiced, “I’m just a regular guy telling you like it is because nobody else will” persona that alternates with his rodeo clown character. So, as was the case when he pretended to boil a frog, it’s hard to believe Beck is not deliberately trying to deceive his audience. But after watching yesterday’s television show (10/13/09), in which Beck announced that he wants to engage in serious dialogue with the White House, I’m beginning to think that Beck is trying to deceive himself, too. With video.

Beck’s opening editorial, the nearly 20-minute segment called, “The One Thing,” was another of his chalkboard demonstrations where Beck threw around some pictures of Obama, Chairman Mao, and Hugo Chavez as “proof” that there were only six degrees of separation between them. All in good fun, of course. For more hilarity, Beck threw in John Podesta, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett and ACORN.

Beck didn’t even seem to notice that the clip of President Obama didn’t say what Beck said it did. According to Beck, he had the goods on Obama’s desire for “government-run healthcare.” The clip of Obama, played twice, showed him saying he’d like to see “single payer” health care. Note to Beck: That’s like Medicare. If that’s so evil, how come you’re not up in arms about the “government-run healthcare” we’ve already got going? Maybe it’s just not humorous enough to go after something that keeps our seniors out of poverty. Maybe it’s just not as entertaining as attacking a black president, the one you “joked” about calling "a racist" with "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture."

Beck went on to complain about the lack of “honest debate” on health care. Now that’s funny!

Suddenly, Beck was using his sincere persona. “Let’s be real serious,” he said in his earnest voice, noting that Obama has said he wants to engage in serious discussion. “I have been, Mr. President. I have been.” Beck was referring now to the administration’s recent statements condemning Fox News and to White House communications director Anita Dunn’s (entirely accurate) characterization of the network as more of a Republican communications tool than a news operation.

Still in his earnest voice, Beck said, “But, see, we’ve also been honest about our agenda… I’m an opinion guy. My agenda is to (dramatic pause) honor what our founders put together and the Constitution. I believe yours is about a fundamental transformation.“ Funny how he forgot about being a rodeo clown.

“I’d love to have a serious conversation with serious-minded people at the White House,” Beck continued.

But he realized the (un)likelihood of that happening. “They’re not gonna call,” Beck said, claiming it was because the White House is too radical and too deceitful to talk what he was now presenting himself as, an honest truth-teller.