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Bill O’Reilly Lies And Smears During Journalism Award Acceptance Speech

Reported by Priscilla - October 14, 2009 -

So Bill O’Reilly wins a media award for “excellence in journalism” and uses the opportunity to bash libruls whom he doesn’t like. Nice. But then that’s his “journalism” forte so it’s not surprising. What is surprising is that the folks from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, a group which honors Americans who “exemplify patriotism and strive to better the nation,” chose to give this award to Bill O’Reilly whose “patriotism” consists of accusing others of not being patriotic. While the main focus of the awards is on heroic military members, the John Reagan “Tex” McCrary Award is one of the highest civilian awards and has been given to members of the librul media such as Tom Brokaw, Mike Wallace, and Tim Russert. So go figure. It’s their award and they can give it to anybody they want. What is noteworthy about this is Bill’s inability to refrain from publicly insulting his “enemies” and lying. Same old, same old.

Bill informed his audience about the award during Monday night’s “Reality Check” segment of the “Factor.” He then played a video of part of his acceptance speech which, unlike his speech at the Values Voters Convention, during which he continued to smear a man killed by someone whose “values” were closely aligned to his, this speech is available on You Tube. It was vintage Bill. As Bill only showed a portion of the tape, I’ll begin at the beginning.

Upon receiving the award O’Reilly was grateful. He made a lame Nobel Prize joke. He then proceed to explain that although his father was a military officer, Bill didn’t serve “because it just didn’t happen” to him. His first insult, lie, and moment of narcissism occurred before two minutes elapsed. He said that when he got “some power” in the media he “watched the backs” of the military because nobody else in the media really does that.” (Bill didn’t see CNN’s “Wounded Warriors” special which “takes a look at the fallen soldiers, and the medics and pilots who save them.”) He repeated, “there isn’t anybody else, I don’t know what these pinheads are thinking…” (Oh, really, is that why a study showed that Fox covered the war less than MSNBC and CNN? Unlike Bill, who spent little time in the war zone, MSNBC’s Richard Engel has been there since day one. Bill’s “watching the back of the military” didn’t extend to the Walter Reed scandal which Bill thought was “boring.” ) Bill proceeded to tell lie #2: “Part of my job is to see that people are treated fairly.” (Tell that to the families of Jennifer Moore who was “asking for it” and Dr. Tiller, the “baby killer.”) He then proceeded to smear “that pinhead," Phil Donahue. A video of Bill’s post 9-11 discussion with Donahue (which was the beginning of the “Factor” video) was shown to the crowd. In discussing the bombing of Afghanistan, Donahue cited the possibility of collateral damage which “pro-life” O’Reilly said “would happen anyway.” After the video, O’Reilly committed lie #3 when he accused Donahue of “attacking the military” and “joked” about he was sending Al Qaeda to Donahue’s house so the military could save him. (Hardeharhar). Bill bragged about how he raises money for troops and said that he’s been to Iraq and Afghanistan. (I believe he has only traveled there once while Senator Al Franken has been to Iraq four times and Afghanistan at least once). Second narcissistic moment when he said that “what I do is I terrify people who would cheap-shot the military.” As an example of “cheap shotting the military,” he discussed how Jon Stewart, Bill’s “pal,” accused President Truman of being a war criminal. He claimed “So I called Stewart, I said, ‘Look, I'm letting you have it tonight, man. I like you, but I'm letting you have it.’ And I did. I just took him apart. I said, ‘Look, this is insane. If you know anything about the World War II theater, they would have lost five times as many people, Japanese and Americans, if they hadn't dropped the bomb. So what, are you a nut? Come on’ And then he apologized.” Either he or Stewart is lying. Here’s what Stewart said on his show: “And I may have mentioned during the discussion we were having that Harry Truman was a war criminal. And right after saying it, I thought to myself that was dumb. And it was dumb. Stupid in fact. So I shouldn't have said that, and I did. So I say right now, no, I don't believe that to be the case.” (Nothing about Bill O’Reilly). Bill finished with smear number 2 of “pinhead” Mark Cuban who produced a movie about the darker side of the Iraq War. Bill said lie #4 when he claimed that “nobody played that movie” as “Redacted” was played in foreign markets (won an award) and in 15 American theaters. Bill objected to the movie’s treatement of “alleged atrocities” in Iraq. Lie #5. While representing a small percentage of troops, crimes by American military have been committed. A former soldier recently received five life sentences for raping an Iraqi girl and murdering her and her family. (I guess Bill wants war coverage to be all sugar coated and sanitized for American audiences – but isn’t that censorship – something Bill doesn’t like if applied to him!)

Comment: For bloviation, personal attacks, and outright lies, you just can’t top Bill O’Reilly. “Excellence in journalism” indeed!

Correction: The first "pinhead" attacked by O'Reilly is Phil Donahue not Bill Donahue.