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Fox Nation Channels Glenn Beck: Nobel Prize Chairman A "Socialist"

Reported by Ellen - October 12, 2009 -

Fox Nation, the website that boasts about its dedication to "people who believe in the United States of America," nevertheless took several deliberate swipes at it with regard to President Obama's Nobel Prize. On a home page full of jabs at the prize (and one or two approvals), one of the top stories poses the "Cavuto mark" of a question, "What are the Nobel Prize Committee Chairman's Socialist Ties? " Not surprisingly, the chairman is shown holding a photo of Obama next to the headline.

If you click through to the post, the first sentence opens not with any kind of pride or congratulatory spirit, but with a swipe at the prize as "befuddling" and a baseless suggestion that the committee awarded it out of a socialist agenda. Of course, the unstated suggestion (also unfounded by any accompanying facts) is that Obama won it because he's a socialist.

With the choice of President Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize inspiring such widespread befuddlement, it seems worthwhile to ask, just who are these people who made this choice, and what might their agenda be?

The post goes on to note that Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland "admiringly" held a photo of Obama and "spoke gushingly" of him in the news stories about the award. Uh-oh! A foreigner speaking well of our President? Something evil must be afoot!

Sure enough, Fox Nation sussed out the smears so that we don't have to.

Some stories have reported that he is the former prime minister of Norway, and that he was the leader of the Norwegian Labor Party for 10 years. But he recently completed an even more interesting 10-year tenure. From 1999 through 2008, Jagland was vice president of Socialist International. What’s that? It’s exactly what the name suggests – an international organization of socialist groups who advocate for far left policies."

Fox Nation proves once again how much they really love America.

But wait, there's more. The comments show the same kind of love for America. "If you support this President, you are a socialist," says "Captain Obvious," at 02:18 PM today. And there's this lovely comment from "be" that the moderators found a suitable example of how Fox Nation shows its commitment to the "core principles of tolerance, open debate and civil discourse:" "Do muslim knuckle draggers slither out of their trailer parks with pork rinds hanging out of their mouths? I bet they do!!" Monday, October 12, 2009 at 01:59 PM. "be" had another lovely comment one minute earlier. "And look at the people who didn't get it and are actually doing good work? Hussein Sparkle Ape doesn't care!! He the narcissist in chief!!"
Monday, October 12, 2009 at 01:58 PM