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Fox Nation - "Straight Up” - A Hate and Stupidity Site

Reported by Priscilla - October 11, 2009 -

If Fox Nation is “committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse,” they sure have an odd way of doing it. One suspects that the Fox Nation writers know exactly who their demographic is and are playing straight to it in the type of “news” item that is posted for discussion – news items that are sure to play the fear and loathing of whatever card. If Fox Nation wants to get the “real” (white) American pitchfork KKKrewe all riled up about African Americans, they post a thread about ACORN or Barack Obama. If they want to get the crowd all upset about librul Hollywood, they post something about whatever "star" is being disrespectful to the heartland family values. Knowing that their Christian audience hates Islam, they post a thread about Muslims in order to get that that old time religion stoking the fires of hatred and intolerance. The latest Fox Nation thread about the world Muslim population, which has over 200 comments most of them ignorant and biased, underscores why Fox Nation is, clearly, a hate site. And considering that Fox Nation is proudly “pro-life,” it’s interesting that a number of the comments are, clearly, homicidal in intent – praise the Lord (the Christian one, fer sure!). Great work, Fox Nation moderators. Keep hate alive! It really adds to civil discourse - the type that got Dr. Tiller and Matthew Shepherd killed. Stay classy, Fox Nation.




Which ones are your favorite?