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Glenn Beck on the O'Reilly Factor: All Drama, All the Time

Reported by Julie - October 8, 2009 -

According to Bill O’Reilly on last night’s O’Reilly Factor (10/8/09), Glenn Beck devoted his entire program yesterday talking about the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine – and I have to ask, what kind of viewer would sit through an hour of that? The man of the hour, Beck himself, was O’Reilly’s guest to talk about why he gave it so much time (bet my bottom dollar it has something to do with a massive government conspiracy). O’Reilly did his usual bit of sticking it to Beck, and, as always, it was clear O’Reilly thinks of Beck as something of the Village Idiot. With video.

It's something I've always wanted to explore -- what O'Reilly really thinks of Beck, and, more curious, why Beck continues to go on O'Reilly's show. Maybe it's in his contract. In any event, O'Reilly took issue with most of what Beck said, and in particular mocked Beck for his swine flu vaccine obsession.

“’They’re’ making a big deal out of it,” O’Reilly said, “but the stats don’t back it up yet. It’s not exactly the Black Death.”

“Why are we having mandatory vaccinations?” Beck asked, but admitted, at O’Reilly’s prompting, that it’s only mandatory for health workers.

Okay, I really can’t finish this post in my usual way, you know, quoting everybody, because, first, this segment lacked a focus, really, and second, Beck makes absolutely no sense and he just ain’t tracking for me. But I guess that’s the point of this post: O’Reilly really doesn’t like Beck, and Beck thinks idiocy is something to aspire to.

Of course, it makes sense for health workers to get the H1N1 vaccine – even O’Reilly has no problem with that. Beck, on the other hand, has a problem with it for some reason, saying something about being a private citizen and somebody – healthcare workers, I guess – finding another job, and how we’re rushing to this, first we didn’t have enough vaccine, then there’s only one company who makes it, now there are two, now five, and the bottom line is that – although O’Reilly said he’s getting the vaccine -- Beck refuses to divulge whether he’s going to get the swine flu vaccine or not and acts like there’s some big conspiracy (told ya) and he’s shrouded in secrecy and if he tells O’Reilly whether he’s getting the vaccine he’ll probably have to kill him.

O’Reilly sarcastically said that Beck’s viewers take their cue from him, and Beck acknowledged that his viewers are “like zombies” for it.

Apparently there’s a rumor on the internet (which I haven’t heard – I don’t visit crazy-as-batshit sites) that the government, when giving the vaccine, will implant a chip in everyone’s arm as some sort of tracking device. I think Michele Bachmann came up with that one – or if she didn’t, she’s sure as hell jealous of whoever did. Anyway, Beck said he “spent a lot of time debunking that” on his show.

O’Reilly, scoffing, said, “The fact that we would spend two seconds debunking it: That’s nuts! And that’s, we’re finished with it.”

O’Reilly next played a clip of Beck talking about the demise of the American dollar, and ridiculed Beck’s prediction that the dollar will be defunct at some point in the future.

“Come on,” O’Reilly sneered, “You don’t believe the U.S. dollar, with all the power of America, is gonna be worthless . . . when you write these best-selling books . . . do you get paid in yen, or euros – gold bars . . . ?”

The rest of the segment was Beck talking about how savvy he was about predicting the crash of the stock market and how he bought gold (aren't the gold guys one of his advertisers?) and has made money, and how he’s way smarter than any experts about the dollar and debt and money and something about the G20 and the dollar collapsing and Saudi Arabia and short-term plans and everybody moving toward the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and shit, he’s just a friggin’ genius. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

I’ll just throw out one quote from Beck: “We’re moving in the direction of Bolivia.”

O’Reilly also poked fun at him for having some underground bunker system in Connecticut – which I, for one, for his own safety since the world is about to explode, think he should stay in. Forever.

So, Beck’s conspiracy railroad and road show rolls on, and who cares if Glenn Beck has made money? Who cares if Glenn Beck has an underground bunker, just like Hitler? And who, tell me who, cares one whit if Beck gets the swine flu vaccine or chooses instead to huddle in his underground bunker with his gold bars for company until the pandemic ends?

I’m convinced that O’Reilly just has Beck on his show so he can make a fool of him (or help him make a fool of himself) -- and Beck sits there grinning, clueless and puffed up with self-importance, while O’Reilly mocks him and pokes fun at him and basically makes it clear to viewers (and advertisers) that he’s no fan of Glenn Beck and water doesn’t always seek its own level, that in fact, Beck is just a trickle in a stream and O’Reilly is a roaring whitewater river.

Of course, it didn't go unnoticed that Beck and O'Reilly missed an opportunity -- between Beck plying conspiracy theories and O'Reilly making sure everybody is aware he's the smarter, saner one -- to actually inform the public about the vaccine and maybe, you know, actually provide news and useful advice.

With O'Reilly and Beck you've got one thing, and one thing only: Dick-measuring on a grand scale.