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Christian Partisans Fox&Friends Say “Hats Off” To Mojave Cross Defender

Reported by Priscilla - October 8, 2009 -

The theme song for Fox&Friends should be the Christian hymn which talks about how “that old rugged cross, so despised by the world, Has a wondrous attraction for me.” The early morning bible hour, otherwise known as Fox&Friends, did their third piece on how that evil, librul ACLU wants to tear down a Christian cross which is part of a private war memorial (no Jews or other non Christians need apply) on federal land in the Mojave desert. Obviously, it’s a timely topic as the case is being heard by the US Supreme Court. This morning Fox&Friends, not surprisingly, interviewed Kelly Shackleford, who is the Chief Counsel of the Liberty Legal Institute – a group that defends poor, persecuted Christians and which is affiliated with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Shackleford has had some recent face time on Fox as he was interviewed, about the cross, by Megyn Kelly. He also appeared on the Sean Hannity show as he is representing (drum roll please!) the famous Hannah (I’m not a whore but just play one on TV) Giles. So it’s not a surprise that the show that features persecuted Christians would also feature somebody who defends them. It’s also not a surprise that nobody from the ACLU or any of the veterans who have written amicus briefs, in support of the ACLU, were featured. It’s also not suprising that the good Christian Fox&Friends agree with Shackleford.

Good Christian Gretchen Carlson, with those nice Christian “gams” quite visible, introduced Shackleford and added “hats off to you for bringing the case that far…arguing on the side of many Americans who see that image of the cross inside a box and they say “where the heck is our country going?” Shackleford said that it was an honor to represent all the veterans groups without noting the veterans who oppose the cross. In an affront to non Christians, whose symbols are not allowed at the “memorial,” he stated that it was “shocking” that the case got this far. He talked about how the WWI veterans came back, after seeing their buddies die in battle, and decided to put up the monument. (I guess only Christians died in WWI) Kilmeade did reference the separation of church and state and asked Shackleford how he “could cut through the law and win the case.” Shackleford said that this “is an attempt to ignore that this is a religious country and that we have religious symbols all over the place.” He engaged in the “slippery slope” argument that the Christian right is proferring in this case regarding how if this cross comes down, the bulldozers will be tearing down crosses “all over the place.” He referenced Arlington (which has diverse monuments) and Carlson said, “I know…” He then claimed that the universal symbol for World War I memorials is a “lone Latin cross.” (Googling World War I memorials for France and England brings up numerous memorials without the cross as the main symbol.). He claimed that this memorial was the first time around the world that we began (?) to honor those who “sacrificed” during a war and the cross is the symbol “they chose.” (I guess Revolutionary and Civil War memorials don’t count?) He then made another ridiculous claim that if this suit is won, “you’re going to have to wipe out all the World War I memorials." (Googling USA World War I memorials brings up a number that don’t seem to have crosses – here’s one.) Good Christian Gretchen Carlson said “a lot of people believe this is emblematic of where this society is headed. Our children will no longer see these symbols that mean so much to the fate of our country.”

FYI - The man who filed the initial complaint is a practicing Catholic. Do the "friends" know about that?

Comment: Wow, another “fair and balanced” piece from Fox&Friends. (Just kidding). The Christian bias is so blatant as there was only a minimum attempt to look at the other side. While good Christian Gretchen was bemoaning the loss of the cross as am important symbol, she insulted all those veterans who fought and died under other symbols which can’t be included, at present, at this memorial. But in the America of Fox News, Christianity is the state religion which Fox&Friends is doing it’s best to defend. Praise the Lord – or is it Fox News!