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Tammy Bruce on The O'Reilly Factor: ACORN is the Democrats' . . . Watergate?

Reported by Julie - October 7, 2009 -

“Are we overdoing the ACORN deal?” O’Reilly queried last night (10/6/09) on The O’Reilly Factor, before introducing Fox News analyst Tammy “Michelle Obama is Trash in the White House” Bruce and “radio talk show star” Leslie Marshall. Typical day in the life of Fox-News-Targets-ACORN – well, except Bruce compared ACORN’s handful of Mickey Mouse voter registrations with Watergate and thinks Eric Holder should investigate ACORN instead of the CIA and torture. Guess it’s pretty close to Halloween – Sean Hannity’s going as Glenn Beck and Bruce is going as Michele Bachmann. With video.

“Leslie, am I overdoing it here?” O’Reilly posited.

“Just a bit . . . ,” Marshall giggled. “I wouldn’t say you’re overdoing it when it comes to trying to dig out or weed out corruption with any kind of an organization like ACORN. The overdoing it in my opinion, Bill, is that it’s just ACORN.”

Marshall said that we need to look at corruption in organizations – on both the left and the right.

O’Reilly took that as agreement with him, saying, “So you don’t have any beef with me, and Glenn Beck and others exposing what we know about ACORN . . . but you’d like to expand the investigation to include some other groups . . . but I, that’s not my job, I don’t have the ability to do that. We rely on information that flows in here . . . I don’t have 30,000 employees like the FBI to go out and do that.” Really, Bill? I thought your thug producer, Jesse Watters, has the strength and tenacity of 30,000 men. And as far as the “information that flows in” . . . isn’t there, like, an ACORN river outside Fox News studios? You sure had the ability to go on a witch-hunt against that organization, even sending Watters down to New Orleans in a failed attempt to root out ACORN corruption. Fox News’ resources seemed vast when investigating ACORN – but you suddenly run out of those same resources when it comes to being “fair and balanced?”

Addressing Bruce, O’Reilly said, “There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that any other organizations are cheating, so why go on a fishing expedition.” I’ll tell you why, Bill: Because there wasn’t any real evidence against ACORN, either, until you started snuffling around and created evidence that really wasn’t there, and despite that lack of real evidence – aside from a few Mickey Mouse voter registrations, which ACORN itself turned in -- against ACORN, you cheered on the pimp-n-‘ho duo of Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, who had to trick low-level ACORN employees into supplying “evidence.”

But since you seem to need a little help in finding other organizations that are “cheating,” let’s look at the American Red Cross. According to Vigilant Watch, “Two of the largest scandals to rock this agency in recent memory have been the misuse and outright theft of funds given generously by the public to help the victims of the 9/11 attacks, and Hurricane Katrina.” Misuse and outright theft of funds: That sounds worthy of a little Watters action, eh, Bill? I also direct your attention, Bill, to the Charity Navigator, which has a host of information about good and bad charities. Surely, somewhere on that vast website, you can find an organization that’s “cheating” and worthy of the Watters treatment. Oh, how about the Committee for Missing Kids, which allegedly spends 91.8% of its money on fundraising?

But anyway, back to ACORN and its handful of bogus voter registration cards and a few employees who gave bad advice.

O’Reilly appealed to Bruce: “But I’m gonna bring back to my original question, Tammy, am I overdoing the ACORN story?” Not if you plan on changing the name of Fox News to the ACORN Channel, no.

“Well, no,” Bruce replied, “Any more than we continue to overdo Watergate.” Okay, hold it right there. I can’t continue, I really can’t, without screaming WTF! Like, a thousand times. Bill. Bill? Are you there? Did you hear that? I’m refreshing my memory now . . . Watergate, Watergate – oh, right, it involved Richard Nixon, President of the United States, and the RNC, and a break-in to steal Democratic stuff, and a cover-up, and missing tapes. And there was a whole big book about it with lots of pages in it that was even made into a movie, called, “All the President’s Men.” I think . . . yup, Tammy Bruce wins moron-of-the-year on Fox (and believe me, there’s tough competition), and O’Reilly sat there and let her compete.

O’Reilly continued to listen complacently as Bruce went on to say, “There are issues that occur and cover-ups that occur . . . government does not act unless the lights are turned on . . . Justice only occurs when people are looking . . . now the question is, what did the Democrats know and when did they know it, the same question Nixon had to deal with . . . These are fair questions . . . you’re looking at an impact within our entire electoral system, and this only occurred when we realized that Mary Poppins and Mickey Mouse were being registered to vote a couple of cycles ago in Ohio. . . . If we’re gonna just investigate everyone, ACORN brought this on themselves . . . .” Well, technically, neither Mary Poppins nor Mickey Mouse voted – in fact, there has never been one incident of voter fraud as a result of ACORN’s voter registrations. But as far as what the Democrats knew and when they knew it – I think most of them knew then and know now that ACORN was given millions of government money under the tenure of their own George W – while the Republicans sat quietly with nary a scream of “corruption!”

Bruce spun into another Michele-Bachmann-like rant, talking (sarcastically, I hope) about investigating every member of Congress because of Larry Craig’s “bathroom issue” or Charlie Rangel’s tax issues. In fact, Bruce was so involved in her ACORN conspiracy theory, she went into a twitching frenzy, raising her eyebrows manically, shrugging her shoulders, head twitching out of control.

Marshall noted that we can’t compare Watergate to this, because one situation involved the President (that would be Watergate) and, she said, “I haven’t seen any involvement by President Barack Obama when it comes to ACORN . . . before President Barack Obama, the first African American President, was elected by an overwhelming majority of white people, although more African Americans, more minorities, came out to vote for him than ever before, we didn’t know ACORNs were anything other than little nuts that fell off of trees that squirrels ate . . .” Marshall informed O’Reilly that 10% of ACORN’s funding comes from tax dollars, 90% comes from the private sector, to which O’Reilly argued that these are really “private sector block grants,” which is federal money given to the state, which in turn gives it to whomever.

In disbelief, O’Reilly asked Marshall, “You believe this is racially motivated or politically motivated?”

“I believe,” Marshall said firmly, “That if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck . . . why didn’t anyone care about ACORN or look into ACORN or any other left . . . community organizing organization before Barack Obama was running and elected President?”

O’Reilly claimed weakly that “it didn’t surface . . . the evidence wasn’t there . . . .”

Marshall said, “Ms. Lewis said this is demonization without due process here . . . and I agree with that.”

Bruce was swooning with ACORN-investigation euphoria, claiming that ACORN is being investigated in 15 states and the Louisiana Attorney General is looking into it.

“There’s gonna be a lot of due process . . .,” Bruce claimed, “It’s George W. Bush’s issue . . . I wish George W. Bush had been more aggressive on this point and he wasn’t [not only wasn’t he aggressive, he was giving ACORN cash] . . . now the Democrats which they thought was going to be a boon for them, which was ACORN, may in fact be their Watergate.” (Hmmm . . . could it be that ACORN, under the guidance of the Democrats, is planning a break-in at the RNC or Fox News studios. Make sure ACORN workers don’t get their hands on any flashlights.) And, by the way -- George W. Bush wasn’t aggressive on this point because nobody made any point about ACORN during his tenure – I mean, the right-wingers had their guy in place, and ACORN hadn’t yet demonstrated that its voter registration drives could be so successful that it could help an African American guy become President. I guess the right was certain they’d stamped the minorities down during eight years of W.

O’Reilly spun off on a tangent into la-la land (with Bruce nodding sagely), saying, “. . . I’m worried that Al Franken got elected Senator from Minnesota because of ACORN . . . I don’t have any evidence that that took place, but a 312-vote margin for Franken when you have thousands and thousands and thousands of questionable ballots by ACORN in Minnesota . . . report on this tomorrow . . . that, Leslie, gets to be real serious . . . .” Let’s nip this one right here and now – Fox Nation, among others, cited an opinion piece by some woman at the Star Tribune, who accused ACORN of being behind “Franken’s stolen senate seat.” Some pundits linked to other pundits in a classic circle jerk, yet, according to Media Matters, Norm Coleman’s attorney “confirmed at oral argument that Coleman makes no claim of fraud on the part of either voters or election officials.”

But hey, we can’t expect Bill O’Reilly or Fox News to actually check out facts before going off half-cocked -- why start now? O’Reilly maintained, “You’re registering tens of thousands of people to vote, and a guy wins by 312 and you know every voter that ACORN registers votes Democrat, every one . . . I think you gotta look at that.”

Marshall denied that ACORN was responsible, and O’Reilly gave the last hurrah to Bruce.

Earnest but crazy, with that fanatical gleam in her eyes, Bruce said, “Well, that’s the entire point why Fox can’t stop and why media should be vigilant, because the only way we are gonna learn, when we have seemingly some serious issues, is if media forces the government to do the right thing . . . that Holder is looking at the CIA and not this situation is absurd, and I think that this is a new way of making the government face up to its responsibilities, and it’s got to continue.”

So, Bill – isn’t it about time you and Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Tammy Bruce and Laura Ingraham and the Foxettes and Fox & Friends get lives? I mean, I realize that a life without ACORN in it will be a desolate place indeed, but you’ve milked the last drop out of it and it’s time to bid the story adieu and move on to, I don’t know, investigating the pathology of being sore losers or something.

Get Tammy Bruce back on. This could be fun.