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More Teabaggin’ Pimpin’ On Fox Nation

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2009 -

Lest there be any doubt that Fox Nation, a media site which is joined at the hip to Fox News, is a teensy bit partisan in their promotion of the teabagging movement, we have (Drum role please!) today’s headline “Tea Party Express: “Countdown to Judgment Day’ Starts October 25th." No it’s not the rapture; but yet another rolling freak show which, hopefully, will feature Fox cub reporter, Griff Jenkins, (with assistance from his producer) cheering on the patriotic teabaggers while gleefully proclaiming that the teaparty movement is just totally awesome and the most fun that he ever had. Maybe he’ll treat us to more local events like the one in Texas that featured a John Wayne look alike and a goat. Yep, that crazy clown car (bus actually) is getting ready to roll and Fox Nation provides the information. Like the Hannah Giles Defense Fund, the headline links directly to the website for the Tea Party Express. Golly gosh, if you can’t get raptured, teabagging is the next best thing. And the end point of the “express” is Orlando which is fitting considering that Orlando is the home of Mickey Mouse and Goofy!