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Is Bill O’Reilly The Devil?

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2009 -

America’s big loofah loving, propaganda pimping daddy, Bill O’Reilly, can give it; but he just can’t take it. He used last week’s interview with the Senior Editor of the NY Times Book Review, Sam Tanenhaus, to engage in yet another exercise in conservative victimhood. Tanenhaus recently wrote a book about the “Death of Conservatism” (oh, hush your mouth) – something Bill didn’t buy into. So he used the interview as a platform for more whining about poor persecuted conservatives. Somebody call me a whambulance!

Bill complained about how the NY Times is librul and doesn’t review enough conservative books. He showed his paranoia and overly inflated sense of self importance when he claimed that the NY Times is constantly attacking him. (As if!) But then he went on a little rant about how the graphic for the NY Times review of Culture Warrior “made me look like the devil.” Feeling very attacked (oh, the irony!!!) Bill claimed that he “never saw a person caricatured to that degree.” I guess Bill didn’t see the cover of the National Review with the two Clintons and Al Gore as “Manchurian Candidates” – to name just one of many Clinton caricatures. Perhaps Bill never saw the flyer, at last year’s “Values Voters Summit,” which had Obama as the Aunt Gemima character next to “Obama Waffles.” Maybe Bill hasn’t seen all the racist caricatures of Obama proudly carried by teabaggers at the rallies that Fox loves so much. Did Bill see his soulmate's, rabid anti abortion Randall Terry’s, flyer with a photo of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor made to look like half her head was a skull? Nice. And is Bill aware of the cartoon in his fellow Murdoch media outlet, the NY Post, which was interpreted as a comparison of Barack Obama to a monkey?

So please, Bill, don’t flatter yourself. And devil? Like the “real” portrait of Dorian Gray, I see this visual as a representation of the real Bill O’Reilly – the scowling, punitive, nasty, authoritarian, soul of a man who loves himself and hates all those who don’t subscribe to his twisted world view – a man for whom money (and ratings) can’t buy love. I don’t think Bill is a devil; but like Dorian Gray, “Wilde” man Bill is a man who appears to have a lot of inner demons. As such, the caricature was spot on. And if Bill doesn’t like it, the hell with him!


A remarkable likeness, no? And rather than horns, the horn like extensions show the interconnectedness of all the little Bill's. Rather clever, yes?