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Doocy And Kilmeade Use Questions To Slap At Obama's Health Care Speech

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 7, 2009 -

Guest blogged by notveryhow

"To question is the answer." It's a Unitarian thing, but it seems an apt description of this Fox & Friends interview with Dana Perino (of "What Cuban Missile Crisis?" fame), former press secretary to George W. Bush, on Monday (10/5/09). In an earlier segment, she had claimed to be just waking up. Perhaps she needed her second Double-Foam, Cinnamon Ham-Glazed Cappuccino to be in attack mode, for her answers were non-committal and sometimes rambling. But that didn't matter, for the questions were the important points. With video.

The segment opened with videos of Obama's July YouTube address (which reached 48,000) and his October YouTube address (which has gotten 17,000 hits), and noted their similarities in topic and even the wording. Admittedly not the White House's best work, but newsworthy? With Afghanistan, Indonesia, health care, Cap and Trade legislation and somewhere a missing white woman, was it worth 4 minutes and 19 seconds of air time?

Right out of the gate, Doocy asked, "Is the Obama Administration running out of ideas when it comes to pushing health care?"

Perino, either failing to notice the wide open door to Obama bashing, or choosing not to step through, replied "Maybe they didn't even notice...if you are doing that many speeches and that many radio addresses, it's hard to come up with new material." Perhaps not what Doocy was hoping for, but he made the point with the question.

So Kilmeade got his shot with a rambling, "They expect to get that...this health care proposal by Senator Baucus to the floor and we find out behind the scenes that the President is working hard, twisting arms to get the public option on the table, despite what he heard in August at the town halls, specifically, the people seemed to be against that."

Now, I watched quite a bit of coverage of the "town halls," and even attended one. And I didn't see people opposed to the "public option" so much as I saw people opposed to Socialism/Marxism/Fascism, who were not partial to Stalin/Mao/Hitler or Obama, who were frightened of "death panels," wanted to keep their guns to fight tyranny and keep the government out of Medicare, but never mind that. Kilmeade was about to get his money shot.

With all the confidence inspired by a well-rehearsed line, he asked Perino, "Do you blame President Obama or does this show political numbness?"

Perino's answer was almost irrelevent, but she carried on, and then closesd with an odd non-sequitur. "It's one of two things, either the Democrats have just decided ‘Let's keep on...forge ahead, and another thing I thought of this weekend, I think, as they try to get this bill out of committee this week, it will be interesting to see what Olympia Snowe of Maine does... I'd be surprised if she votes for it out of committee because I don't think she wants to say yes on the first date."

But to get as much mileage as possible out of this tidbit of irrelevancy, Doocy added media bias to the accusation. "Going back to the YouTube, which was pretty much identical this past week as it was in July.” He pulled out a transcript and read a few comparisons. Nothing boosts the importance of non-news like documentation...and it's on paper! But wait for it. Doocy went on to ask, "Had George W. Bush done this when he was President...do you think that the press would have paid it any mind?” And then he scoffed and smirked. Asked and answered.

As if her answer mattered at that point, Perino responded, "I'm sure someone on the left would have brought it up. Some in the media would have been more than happy to put it in their columns and make fun of us..."

Doocy quickly retorted, "Do you think we're going to see any of those columns tomorrow?”

To which Perino, in her characteristically decisive way, responded, "No... Well maybe... I don't know."

Perino was just a prop for this bit. We had the suggestion that "the Obama Administration (is) running out of ideas", the suggestion of "Blame Obama" or "political numbness" and the ever reassuring suggestion of media bias. Not bad for a couple of "Fair and Balanced" questions.