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Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy

Reported by Priscilla - October 5, 2009 -

Fox News is aiding and abetting the right wing’s attack on Obama’s “Safe School Czar,” Kevin Jennings who, in the 80’s, gave advice to a 16 year old (age of consent in Massachusetts) student and who is now being accused of covering up statutory rape. But it’s not surprising given that Fox is the go to network for conservative Christians whose love of Jesus is matched by their hatred of homosexuality. Media Matters for America has a very extensive compilation of the Fox attacks, some of them homophobic in nature. Brian Kilmeade, like the American Taliban group the Family Research Council, opined that Jennings' advocacy for gay students is “promoting homosexuality.” (I guess Brian wants gay youth to be consigned to a life in the closet with all its attendant problems some of which could lead to suicide.) But leading the Fox charge partisan attack on Jennings is Sean Hannity who, in engaging in his baseless smears, is engaging in hypocrisy – given his lack of outrage towards republicans who commit real “sins of the flesh” while in office.

Sean Hannity, former pal of white supremacist Hal Turner, wants Jennings fired. But did Hannity call for Republican Vito Fossella, a former member of Congress, to resign when Fossella got caught DWI while on his way to see his mistress and mother of his child? And what about Mark Foley, who was actively trolling for young congressional pages, while he was a member of congress? Did Hannity call for him to resign? When a Department of Homeland Security employee, Brian Doyle, was arrested in a sex sting in 2008, did Hannity call for his resignation? And what about “toe tapper,” South Carolina Republican Mark Sanford has been a naughty boy; but Sean Hannity doesn’t seem to think that’s a problem. And meanwhile we have Nevada Republican, John Ensign who has also been quite naughty and whose naughtiness might have some criminal implications. Is Hannity concerned? When Republican Bob Allen, the co-chair of John McCain’s Florida campaign got busted at a Florida Rest Area (He was interested in more than urinating), did Hannity say anything? And closer to home, for Hannity, has he said anything at all about the former Fox producer, Aaron Bruns, who got busted and convicted for child pornography?

Kevin Jennings, a gay man, is being excoriated by Sean Hannity, for a legitimate exchange with a young man who, most likely, was not able to speak with his parents about his sexuality. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity has never said a word about the murky past of one of Rudy Giuliani’s employees and BFF’s. Hannity, if you recall, was separated from Rudy’s presidential campaign by less than six degrees of separation. Hannity interviewed Giuliani a number of times and not once did he bring up the issue of Roman Catholic priest, Alan Placa’s, shady history. Father Placa, in a 2003 Suffolk County Grand Jury Report, was accused of “sexually abusing children, as well as helping cover up the sexual abuse of children by other priests.” In the Grand Jury Report, Placa was known as “Father F” who was “cautious, but relentless in his pursuit of victims." Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of BishopAccountability.org, which tracks suspected priest abuse, has stated "I think Rudy Giuliani has to account for his friendship with a credibly accused child molester.” Anything from Giuliani pal, Sean Hannity on this matter? – Nada, nothing, not a peep!

So while Hannity has no problem smearing a man who has tried to improve the quality of life for America’s gay students, Hannity has no problem with the misdeeds of his fellow Republican travellers. Hypocrisy? I report, you decide!

Correction - Senator David Vitter corrected to Nevada Senator John Ensign

Note: I removed the comment about Hannity and Vitter. It does appear that Hannity said this about David Vitter: “I think Senator Vitter should probably live by the line that he put out for Bill Clinton back in the Monica Lewisky scandal." That seems to be the first and last comment - unlike Hannity's virulent commentary, on two occasions, about Jennings. (here and here)

I also removed the comment about Hannity and Larry Craig as Hannity called for Craig to resign "if he did it." Hannity seems to have accepted, as gospel truth, that Jennings did not report a statutory rape when the evidence now indicates otherwise - something that, so far, Hannity has not admitted.