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Fox&Friends Carry The Cross In Yet Another Partisan Piece

Reported by Priscilla - October 2, 2009 -

If there’s one symbol that Christian right wingers revere more than Mom, Apple Pie, the Playboy Bunny, and the American Flag, it’s the Christian cross. I suspect that if they could get away with it, Christian conservatives would love to somehow get a cross worked into the American flag as they do seem to think that evangelical Christianity supersedes democracy. Not surprisingly, Fox News, being the network for Christians – particularly the persecuted ones – recently did a partisan piece about how the evil, librul ACLU is trying to get the cross of Jesus removed from federal land in the Mojave Desert. Couple of weeks ago Megyn Kelly interviewed the Sandoz’s – simple folk who take care of the California cross and who are being represented by the Liberty Legal Institute which is part of Jerry Falwell’s Christian corporation. Not surprisingly, the morning prayer meeting, otherwise known as Fox&Friends, interviewed the Sandoz’s yesterday. And today, a legal pundit was interviewed. Somebody from the ACLU? Nope, in a stunning example of the self reinforcement (dare I say incest) of Fox News, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade interviewed Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano for some nice Fox validation, praise the Lord!!!

Kilmeade informed his (presumably Christian) audience about “the couple who were making it their mission to protect a cross honoring WWI veterans and now the ACLU wants to take it down because (his voice getting louder) it sits on federal land.” (Yeah, Brian, it’s that pesky church/state thing!) He then played a clip of Henry Sandoz’s Fox&Friends interview during which Sandoz said “how important it was to keep this cross up.” A shot of a bald guy saluting the cross was shown in the background. Sandoz talked about how he was just honoring his friend’s wishes. (His friend being a Christian, of course). After the clip, good Christian Brian, said “that was nice” and brought in Napolitano for his opinion on whether the flag violates the Constitution. Are we surprised that Napolitano said that “he couldn’t believe what he had just seen and the American public needs to know what Federal Judges sometimes do.” He then stated that the “Federal Government uses crosses in cemeteries and military insignias…” (Uh, the crosses are on officially designated land for that purpose). He responded to Brian’s question about the First Amendment by stating that the government isn’t supposed to “aid religion or impede the free exercise of religion.” All the while, a video of flag carrying (presumably Christian) veterans at the cross was shown. He stated, rather vehemently, that this is just a cross and not a crucifix (still a Jesus symbol, Andy) which is now covered by a box. Kilmeade interjected and that’s offensive. (It was a court order, Brian) while Napolitano said the question is whether it is “aiding religion, there it is inside the box, it looks horrendous…” Napolitano’s view is that is is a “secular” symbol that means “honor, duty, recognition…” (Hey judge, I don’t think a Jewish veteran would by honored by having a cross over his or her grave). He seemed to be on the verge of tears when he shouted, while gesticulating, that during next week’s argument in the Supreme Court “somebody will argue that it is government recognition of Christianity…” (Ya think?!) Kilmeade kvetched about how this could be a problem for Arlington National Cemetary in which there are crosses that “have never been challenged.” (D’uhhhh, that’s because there are also Jewish Stars and other religious iconography in addition to the Christian crosses.) Napolitano, almost choking, said “if this cross goes down…you’ll see litigation, all across the country, against any cross that appears on government property.” (ah, that old “slippery slope” thing).

Comment: Wow, really fair and balanced. But then this cross thing is quite the cause celebre among right wing Christians and Fox News is their pulpit from which to spread their gospel of victimhood. A victimhood that, in this case, totally dismisses those not Christian and those concerned about the separation of church and state. I wonder if the Judge and Brian know that the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty and the Interfaith Alliance has signed an amicus brief in support of the ACLU. Why can’t Fox News mention that the managing California ACLU attorney said "As the son of a Jewish World War II Navy veteran, I am gratified that so many distinguished retired officers and veterans organizations have recognized what Congress has unfortunately ignored: We cannot honor all the men and women who have served our country in the military with a symbol that is worshipped only by believers of one religion." For Fox News, anything not supporting Christianity is either ignored or derided. America’s Newsroom, indeed!