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Cavuto Calls On A Congressman Who Praised Joe Wilson To Attack Alan Grayson

Reported by Ellen - October 1, 2009 -

Co-authored by Brian

On yesterday’s (9/30/09) Your World, the discussion turned to Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) saying Republicans’ health care plan is for people to die quickly if they get sick. After a summer of Republicans hollering about “death panels” and birth certificates, and on Fox News, accusations that the president of being a radical socialist who's anti-American, all of a sudden the feewings turned vewy, vewy sensitive. But that didn’t stop Neil Cavuto’s guest, Tom Price (R-GA) from suggesting President Obama was to blame for Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) outburst against him in Congress, “You lie!” Cavuto not only didn’t challenge Price, he also failed to tell the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers that Price had overtly praised Wilson’s act. With video.

Cavuto presented the segment as a question of a double standard by the Democrats, only. Cavuto said, "So one Congressman says that the President lies, quickly apologizes, the other says Republicans want Americans to die quickly, and so far nothing, not a peep. His name is Alan Grayson, he’s a Democrat, and now Republicans want equal punishment. Congressman Tom Price one of them. By the way, we called Congressman Grayson for a statement again, so far, not a peep."

Price pretended to take the high road. "This is just a disgrace. It does a disservice to the debate, it doesn't respect the debate that ought to be going on in the House of Representatives about positive alternatives other than a government takeover in health care. That’s what we’d like to be talking about.” Comment: It's a public option, not a government takeover.

There was no challenge from Cavuto about the lack of respectful debate that has poured forth from the other side, not to mention right there on the Fox News Channel. "You argue that it's just bad form, much as Democrats argued that Wilson telling the President he's a liar was bad form, right?" Cavuto asked.

“Sure,” Price said, feigning agreement that Wilson had acted improperly. But in fact, Price had praised Wilson’s tactics. Then Price went on to suggest that Wilson’s outburst had been Obama’s fault. “The President came to the chamber, and instead of elevating the debate and raising the level of discourse, he gave a campaign speech. The result was one of the things that we heard.”