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Another Fox Nation Lie - “Politico” Article Is “Media Attack” On Palin Co-Author

Reported by Priscilla - October 1, 2009 -

Today’s rabid, right wing Republican Party is the party of victimhood and nothing gets their victimhood juices flowing than an incendiary headline in Fox Nation which plays the victim card and identifies the persecutor – anyone of the perfunctory right wing enemies du jour. The latest enemy of “real” America is the mainstream media which is seen by the peasants with pitchforks (and teabags) as a nefarious cabal of godless sodomites and other spawn of Satan. It’s ironic that a website from the “fair and balanced” Murdoch media empire would accuse anyone of “attacking” anybody but one of today’s ledes is “Media Attacks Palin Co-Author: Evangelical Partisan.” Now that’s sure to git the folks all riled up because, in a nutshell, it shows that “the media” is persecuting yet another Christian victim. As I’ve said, all you need to know is in the headline. But if you read the article it’s actually an objective piece of reporting – as opposed to the Fox Nation headline which is yet another partisan piece of bold, fresh bullshit!

The article, by Ben Smith, sheds some light on Palin’s co-author’s radical Christianity (In Fox Nation the only type of Christianity – nay the only type of religion – that won’t send you to the lake of fire.) It presents the facts about Lynn Vincent who describes the Democratic Party as “a party of treason and subversion.” (no partisanship here, nosireee!!). The article goes on to say that Palin, in selecting Vincent, has “chosen to deepen her bond with her base at the cost of antipathy from the independent voters who decide presidential elections.” (And this analysis is an attack, how??) The article provides more background on Ms. Vincent’s radical, right wing views including the belief that Planned Parenthood is genociding black babies. Her homophobia should make her a hero of Fox Nation as she states that "In decades past, men and women routinely brushed off fleeting thoughts of homosexual behavior. Now, though, gay activists have succeeded in planting a seed that says people not only can but should follow such thoughts with exploration and action.” (Be so sceeered of that “gay agenda” that Fox News warns us about.) Smith makes one final analysis when he states that “Vincent's posture on the confrontational, conservative right matches Palin's post election stand, in which she has powerfully secured her standing as a leading figure of the Republican party while doing little to broaden her appeal beyond the party's base” – hardly an attack. The article ends with a quote from a publishing industry watcher who states that "She doesn't need a writer who understands government - she needs a writer who understands the Christian heart - that's what the books going to be about and that's who the books' going to appeal to."

So only in the dark, partisan, paranoid, and ignorant world of Fox Nation could this be seen as a “media attack.” But then if the Nation residents don’t go any further than the headline (the devil is in the details?), they’ve learned all they need to know. Propaganda mission accomplished.

BTW, Lynn Vincent “pals around” with white supremacists as noted in this article which references Robert Stacy McCain who, with Vincent, co-authored “Donkey Cons, Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party. Vincent described the Iraq invasion as “a holy war’ and co-authored a book with Christian zealot, retired General William Boykin who said the war on terror was a war between Satan and Christians.

“Evangelical Partisan” is mild considering she could be described as a radical, Christian wingnut.