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Fox&Friends Cheerlead For Persecuted Christian Cheerleaders

Reported by Priscilla - September 30, 2009 -

Jesus Wept!!!! Good Christian Gretchen Carlson introduced today’s edition of the weekly Christian whinefest with a comment about how "God is in the details" (uh, I thought it was the devil – but this is a Christian show) "but he can’t be on the sidelines." She and fellow good Christian Steve Doocy stood in front of a large screen graphic which had the words “Religious Banners Banned” and the biblical quote “do undo others as you would have them do unto you.” ROFLMAO – that means that Fox News wants people to smear and lie about them???? The bible graphic was an example of just one of the godly signs that cheerleaders have been banned from erecting (in a chaste and Christian way) at football games. But not to worry, Christian cheerleaders have a friend in Jesus and in Fox News.

The next visual, over the chyron “CHEERLEADERS CENSORED, GA HS bans religious signs at games,” was this “Commit to the Lord Whatever You Do and Your Plans Will Succeed, Proverbs 16:13.” Doocy said that the school determined that the signs violate federal law (ya think!?) and banned the signs at sporting events; but the conservative, Christian kiddos “aren’t backing down,” praise the Lord. Two of the cheerleaders, at the Fox Atlanta affiliate, joined their Christian prayer partners in NY. Doocy asked the girls what these banners, which have “been around for twenty years,” said. (D’uh, you just showed a bunch of banners!). The chyron read “HS Cheerleaders Censored, GA Communities Rally In Support.” One of the cheerleaders responded that they use “inspirational or motivational scripture that motivates” the football team. Despite Doocy’s contention that these things have been around for 20 years, the gals said it started on 9-11. Doocy then told her that “they’ve been doing if before 9-11, doing it for a long time” while the chyron read “Religious signs banned, 20 year tradition ends.” Gretchen read the “do unto you…” banner and said “a lot of people could use that message.” Rather than asking about the details of the situation, Carlson asked about the reaction from the community and (surprise, surprise) “the community is appalled.” Courtney then said that “the majority is Christian” and it’s just not fair that we can’t spread God’s word. It’s such our football team running through bible verses, it doesn’t hurt anything.” (I guess the constitutional separation of church and state isn’t taught in GA schools). Doocy said “right” and that he “understood that there was a big rally, last night, in your neck of the woods.” (Hmmm, white robes, burning crosses….??) “to support you guys and the inspirational messages."

Doocy added that he understood that the complaint came from just one person, who had no kids in the school. (D’uh, Steve, that person’s taxes are paying for the motivational scripture) and asked the girls how they felt. Katelyn said “I’m really upset…it’s all student led, the coaches have nothing to do with it, it really hurt the school, blah, blah, blah.” The chyron read “Religious tradition ends, Superintendent cites 1st Amendment” (Those darned constitutional tradition enders - like civil rights!) Gretchen said that “we understand” and then showed a quote from the high school superintendent (who, hopefully, won’t be getting death threats from Fox fans). The superintendent said that she had the responsibility to protect the school from legal action by groups who don’t support the beliefs of the cheerleaders. Carlson said, “Unfortunately, that what’s this whole thing boils down to and the school cannot afford, probably, to be sued by that one person” (hope they’re under a witness protection plan!) “who doesn’t like it.”

Comment: One of the cheerleader banners, not shown during the “Old Time Bible Hour” otherwise known as Fox&Friends was this one: “I press on to the goal to win the prize for which God has called me in Jesus Christ.” Yeah, that’s sure to win the minds and hearts of people like Jews and non evangelical Christians – not that Carlson and Doocy care about those people! And despite Fox’s contention that these banners have been around for 20 years, at least one press report says that it started in 2003. If God’s Christian warriors at Fox were really interested in a full report they could have included this comment from Charles Haynes, of the First Amendment Center in Washington, who “told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that the signs violate the law because cheerleaders, in uniform at a game, represent the school.” But once again, it’s onward Christian soldiers cuz Fox&Friends have your back. And who cares about that silly First Amendment, anyway!