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Bill O’Reilly Claims Charles Rocket Suicide Due To SNL Dismissal?

Reported by Priscilla - September 29, 2009 -

A regular feature of Bill O’Reilly’s Show is the “Reality Check” segment during which Bill takes recent news items that range from politics to pop culture and does a short comment about them. In last night’s segment he reported on Saturday’s SNL “F Bomb.” He noted that the woman in the “Biker Chick” sketch “said the F word on TV and that got former SNL player fired back in 1981. It was a big deal...Rocket, by the way, never recovered from his SNL firing, he committed suicide in 2005 at age 56.” I know that Bill O’Reilly knows all and tells all; but he is not a clinician. As such, he could have couched his “diagnosis” as a question or a supposition. However, Bill states, as fact, that Rocket “never recovered” from his SNL firing and thus infers that the suicide was related to the job action when in reality it could have happened as a result of any given factor or factors having nothing to do with SNL. After his firing, Rocket continued with his career doing film, TV, and voice for video games. To make the connection between Rocket’s firing and his suicide does a disservice to both Rocket and SNL.