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Fox&Friends Fight The “Gay Agenda” And Promote Anti Gay Pacific Justice Institute

Reported by Priscilla - September 28, 2009 -

As the mouthpiece for conservative Christians, it’s not surprising that Fox&Friends are taking up the fight against teh gay. This morning, Steve Doocy informed us that parents in California "are pushing back after learning that over 200 schools in the Bay Area have ordered to video that you’re watching." The chyron read “Controversial Curriculum, Schools May show ‘pro-gay’ video." Oh, noooooooo!!!!! He continued, “it may look harmless; but it is part of a curriculum on alternative lifestyles." Oh, noooooo!!!! After showing a clip of the cartoon, Doocy said that some parents “understandably” feel the lesson has gone to far. No partisanship here, nosirreeeeee!!!! And to show that Fox is on the right side, the guests were a concerned parent and his lawyer Brad Dacus, who is from the Pacific Justice Institute – a group that defends persecuted Christians (a Fox&Friends specialty) and, like Fox&Friends, fights teh gay.

Doocy asked (his falsetto voice going a bit higher) what the parent saw on the walls of the classroom. Troy Silva responded, as Doocy nodded his head, that he saw “pro homosexual posters.” The chyron read “Parents opting out, video may be shown without consent." As Troy whined about how the district is “taking its own morality and supplant our moral teachings…” the chyron (no partisanship here, no sirreee) read “Indoctrinating youth, videos ordered by 225 CA schools.” He added that his bitch wasn’t against the teacher but “against the school board and the administration who are very much at odds with the voting public.” Doocy asked attorney Dacus what he’d like to see happen. BTW, Brad Dacus was recently on Fox&Friends in the segment about the poor, persecuted Christian teacher who played a Christian hymn in her dance class. He has compared the fight against Proposition 8 to the battle against Hitler. (Those gay fighting right wingers do love the Nazi references. Too bad they don’t know that Hitler rounded up gays and put them in concentration camps. The pink triangle was the insignia that they were forced to wear). Anyway, Dacus said that he and his fellow Christian soldiers want to stop the distribution of this evil video and want schools to “realize that by promoting transvestitism and promoting homosexuality, all the way to kindergarten level, is a complete breach of trust and we want parent to be able to opt their children out of it…and for parents to contact us for free representation.” Doocy worked in the principal propaganda point when he asked Brad (not a child psychologist), parsing his words very slowly, “at what age should a kid learn about homosexuality and is that something that should be taught by the school. Or is that something that should be taught by their parents?" As if on cue Dacus said that it’s the parent’s role. He asserted that while bullying should not be allowed on campus that “but that doesn’t give the green light for school districts…to openly indoctrinate and promote these very controversial life styles that have medical, psychological and medical ramifications for children.” He added that this is a “parent’s rights issue.” He finished up with a rhetorical flourish, “tolerance is a two way street and when tolerance becomes one way, it becomes tyranny.”

Comment: As a propaganda piece this one gets an A+. There was no attempt to show the other side of the issue as no comments from the school department or school committee were shown. What do the teachers think? We don’t know because Fox doesn’t appear to be asking.There was no commentary from parents who do support the curriculum. There was no exposition about the cartoon that was showed throughout the interview. What grades is this being shown in and what is the context? There was no child psychologist to rebut Dacus’ misinformed and propagandistic comment about “ramifications” for children. The word “indoctrinating” was used in the chyron as a statement of fact – there wasn’t even a “Cavuto” question mark! But the big propaganda point was that schools have no right to discuss LGBT issues – a ball that was thrown to Dacus who hit it out of the park. Brad Dacus and his “Institute” got more free publicity from Fox. If Doocy had asked about the “pro-gay” posters, he would have learned that they were about making school a safe place for gay students. But that would have detracted from the anti gay, pro right wing Christian message for the Fox&Friends audience. Thank the Lord that Fox&Friends protects us from the gay!


Oh, and about that tolerance thing - Fox&Friends are definitely on a one way street and driving the wrong way!