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Fox Nation Smears Katie Couric With Headline Distorting Her Words

Reported by Ellen - September 27, 2009 -

Did Fox Nation just make up their headline: Couric: It's 'Depressing' That I'm Smarter Than Everyone About Health Care? The TVNewser blog post that Fox Nation quoted in their post said nothing of the sort.

Quoting TVNewser's post about a live Facebook video chat Couric did earlier in the week, Fox Nation picked out a quote of Couric saying about the health care debate:

"To be honest with you, the whole debate has kind of depressed me," she said. "The idea of kind of sitting down and working things out...is a really necessary part of the political process, but it seems increasingly difficult to do that in this day and age." She told the facebook audience, "The one thing I really don't like are opinions without portfolio or judgments without knowledge or basic information, and I think we have a lot of that. And then there are people fanning the flames, encouraging that."

To me, it's pretty clear that Couric was saying she found the nature of the debate depressing, not the fact that she's "smarter than everyone." Furthermore, she never said she was smarter than everyone about health care or anything else. But if that wasn't obvious enough to the Fox Nation editors, they just so happened to omit the first sentence of that paragraph on TVNewser which put the quote in context and made it even clearer: "She (Couric) also shared her opinions on the health care debate and how it's covered."

It's hard to imagine that anything but biased minds looking for reasons to bash Couric could interpret her quote the way Fox Nation did.

H/T Brian A.