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While Decrying "Indoctrination," Hannity Tried To Push Guest Into Calling For the Firing Of Obama-Song Principal

Reported by Ellen - September 26, 2009 -

Just one night after Sean Hannity blatantly pimped for the legal defense fund of conservative darling (and possible criminal) Hannah Giles, he tried to browbeat his guest into calling for the firing of the principal of the school that was caught on video having its students sing the praises of Barack Obama. Hannity waxed self-righteously about his open-mindedness toward differing opinions, claiming it’s just indoctrination of children he opposed. But the claim was belied by his behavior. Each of the four guests was a harsh critic of the school. There was nobody to speak on behalf of the school. And despite his stated opposition to indoctrination in schools, Hannity somehow overlooked at least two instances where children have been pushed to praise President Bush. Then, in a darned good imitation of the kind of indoctrination he was decrying in others, Hannity tried to put words in the mouth of his guest and overtly tried to maneuver her into giving the opinion he so clearly wanted. With video.

The guests last night (9/25/09) were three parents of children in the school plus Mike Huckabee. What did Huckabee have to do with this story? He has nothing to do with education nor the school in New Jersey. But it was soon clear he was there to bash the schools for praising Obama instead of Jesus. It was a theme that two of the three other guests just happened to echo.

Parent Gina Pronchick said she felt as though she were watching her child “hail a dictator.”

James Pronchick, got right with the program. “Replacing words that had the word ‘Jesus’ in it and it replacing it with a political figure and I’m just shocked that my child had to be a part of that.”

Parent Robert Bowen was “outraged” over the video “and the praising of Barack Obama for replacing Jesus with Barack.”

Noting the principal’s open enthusiasm for President Obama, Hannity said, “This goes a lot deeper than even this!” I guess it’s time to christen this “song-gate.”

“What is your reaction?” Hannity asked Huckabee.

Huckabee allowed as how it’s important for students to respect the president and his office (but not so important on Fox News, apparently). “But this is a line that we’ve crossed… having the kids to recognize this person not as an office holder but as almost a savior. The same school would never allow Christmas carols, I’m sure, to be sung.

Hannity asked the parents, “What would you like to see happen to her (the principal)?”

Gina Pronchick said she wanted the administration “to step up and admit that they overstepped their bounds and apologize.”

“No, no, they’re digging in deeper,” Hannity told her, in his first pass at trying to manipulate her opinion.

“She’s (the principal) putting our children, I feel, in danger,” Gina Pronchick said, adding that there have been threats as a result of the incident. “Now I’m afraid to send my children to school because…”

“Because she has a political agenda,” Hannity finished the sentence for her.

Hannity turned to Bowen, “If she said she was sorry… I just would back off… I gotta tell you something, I would not want my kids in a school where they are taking a captive audience and indoctrinating them, with views that contradict mine.”

“Absolutely, Sean. Absolutely,” Bowen said, adding that he was pressing the school board and superintendent for action.

“Here’s a question… do you want the principal fired?”

Bowen said he did.

But the Pronchicks were not sure. “I don’t know,” Gina Pronchick said.

“I think we need to find out more about it,” James Pronchick said, suggesting that maybe she should be transferred to another position.

Oops, wrong answer.

“She said she’d do it again!” Hannity prodded. “She doesn’t see anything inappropriate with this! I would want her fired because she’s taking young minds and she’s forcing her political views on your young kid. This is kindergartners!”

“That upsets me,” Gina Pronchick acknowledged.

Hannity blatantly pushed for the answer he wanted now. "So maybe you do want her fired," he said.

Gina Pronchick never said she wanted the principal fired, but said that she was having trouble trying to “turn the other cheek.”

Huckabee suggested that the parents run for school board and have a real say in the school’s policies.

That didn't satisfy Hannity, either. “Am I being too harsh?” he continued. “I’m sorry, these are young kids. If they’re gonna present, you know, political views in a school – you can’t mention God – if they’re gonna mention political views, I want balance! I don’t want indoctrination. Am I being too harsh in saying she should go?”

Even Huckabee wouldn’t go there.

So if Hannity is really interested in balance, how did he overlook the school children from the Gulf Coast who literally sang the praises of President Bush and FEMA at the White House in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? It must have been an oversight. In the second video below, children at a Jesus camp are instructed to welcome a cardboard cut out of President Bush, tell him they were glad he was there and bless him.

I’m sure if you write Hannity at Hannity@foxnews.com, he’ll quickly want to address this oversight and call for other heads to roll immediately!