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Malkin's Rant About Obama's U.N. Speech Shows Who Really Hates America

Reported by Ellen - September 24, 2009 -

Self-righteous sourpuss Michelle Malkin joined Sean Hannity last night (9/23/09) for a session devoted to attacking President Obama’s speech to the U.N. But the segment turned unintentionally comical. First, Hannity seemed to think he was knocking Obama's speech by saying, “From the sound of it, you’d think you were listening to Thomas Jefferson,” as if that were a bad thing. Well, maybe Hannity thinks Ronald Reagan is the only good president we ever had.

Malkin was as self-righteous and sour as ever. But she was also inadvertently cartoonish in her sanctimoniousness as she sneered that President Obama doesn’t like America. Does Malkin seriously think she’s an example of someone who loves and cherishes her country? We’ll review the evidence. With video.

Malkin mustered a tight smile as she was introduced. After that, she was done with the niceties. She launched straight into her attack. “He (Obama) doesn’t like this country very much,” she said and added something about “his ‘We Suck '09 Tour.’” Really, Hon, you’re a lot funnier when you’re not trying to be.

With her condescending voice, Malkin said, “He solidified his place in the international view as the great appeaser and the groveler-in-chief.” Last I checked, Malkin has no credentials in foreign policy (other than hating the rest of the world, apparently, more than she hates most of America.) Nor did she offer any grounds for coming to such a conclusion. She does not appear to have spoken to anyone to obtain “the international view” she seemed so certain of. Hannity didn’t ask, either. It seems that as much as she scorns the opinions of the rest of the world, Malkin knows all about them without even asking. Either that, or she thinks she’s on a par with that “international view,” the one she disdains so much.

Hannity had at least a little love for his country. “I want a president, I think most Americans want a president that’s gonna tell the world, celebrate our goodness, our charity, our generosity, our advancement of the human condition, the cause of freedom.”

“This is his view of America, the United States,” Malkin said. “There wasn’t a word of praise or defense for our troops and what they do to secure freedom around the world… He was waffling on Afghanistan and leaving our troops in the lurch.”

Her voice dripping with contempt, Malkin continued, “Implicitly and explicitly, this speech was a rejection of American exceptionalism, which is not unusual among the circles that he has traveled in his entire life, from the Chicago far-left academic circles to the pew that he sat in for 20 years where Jeremiah Wright certainly shares many of the views of Muammar Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad and Evo Morales and all of the other tin pot dictators that Barack Obama has literally and figuratively bowed and scraped to for the last eight months.” Both she and Hannity seemed to have missed the fact that, as the New York Times reported, Obama "made progress Wednesday on two key issues, wringing a concession from Russia to consider tough new sanctions against Iran and securing support from Moscow and Beijing for a Security Council resolution to curb nuclear weapons."

“He is a laughing stock,” Malkin declared. She never identified who is laughing or explained how she knows it.

That was a lot of "love" for her country Malkin laid on during those few minutes. And it’s pretty typical of her brand of patriotism. For a woman who loves to attack others for not loving their country, it’s awfully hard to find any quotes showing what she loves about America. For example, in addition to Obama, academic circles and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which she excoriated above, Malkin doesn’t like Democrats, the left, unions, immigrants, Obama’s “cronies of color,” Michelle Obama, Hispanic politicians, Cindy Sheehan, Women for Kerry, the Massachusetts school girl who asked President Obama a too-friendly question (for Malkin's taste) at a town hall, the AARP, the National Endowment for the Arts, Nancy Pelosi, “Charlie” Gibson, the Tucson school system, “climate change” Republicans, Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett and, of course, ACORN, SEIU and the ACLU.

So what part of America DOES Malkin like? Well, she claims to care for the troops. But it’s funny. I couldn't find any indication she ever put in any time for service.

I did find one photo of Malkin smiling - beaming, actually. She's sitting with a man holding a sign with a swastika inside the "O" of "Obama." It's the only time I've ever seen her smile like that.