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America’s Christian Morning Show, Fox&Friends, Pimps Gingrich’s “God In America” Documentary

Reported by Priscilla - September 24, 2009 -

Newt and his former mistress, now third Mrs. Gingrich, appeared, yesterday, on Fox&Friends in order to discuss their recent film “Rediscovering God In America, 2.” After playing a segment of video in which Mrs. Gingrich talked about the role of colonial pastors in encouraging their flock to rebel against the king, Good Christian Steve Doocy said that the documentary shows “how religion shaped our country.” In an astoundingly ROFL moment he added, “this is something we don’t hear much about these days.” Oh, really? Virtually every “Trouble with Textbook” segment included a whine about how librul texts don’t address the role of religion in American History. And in the tradition of Fox&Friends misinformed propaganda, Doocy claimed that the reason religion is downplayed is because historians “don’t want to offend anybody.” As if on cue, Callista Gingrich said that is why they did this “movie.”

Mrs. Gingrich explained that this “movie” (not destined to be a blockbuster, one suspects) was a sequel to their first documentary. As she was speaking saccharine pictures of praying Puritans (the kind of dreck that passes for “art” in Sunday school texts) were shown on the split screen. These films are, according to Mrs. Gingrich, an examination of the role of religion in the founding of the American colonies up through the Civil War. (She mentioned “our first settlement Jamestown” which was founded as a commercial venture and not a religious one and didn't mention that slave owners used the Bible to justify slavery; but whatever…) She referenced the “deep faith that motivated our religious leaders and our national leaders of the time and our nation’s belief in religious freedom.” (And in Foxland, those not sufficiently conservative Christian are not popular; but whatever…)

God talk gets good Christian Gretchen Carlson quite excited and she chimed in: “This is amazing to me and this is the kind of documentary that I would want my kids to watch because facts like this come out. ‘Which president gave an inaugural address with 14 references” (her voice rising in orgasmic religious fervor) “to God?’ imagine that today and two quotes from the Bible in 703 words.” Newt responded that this was Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural while Callista looked at him adoringly. Carlson said that this was “amazing because you don’t read about that and don’t hear about that.” (Uh, yeah Gretch, because it’s really not relevant unless you’re pushing religion which you shouldn’t be doing in a public school class. I’m sure that many homeschoolers hear it all the time!) Brian Kilmeade asked if there was tolerance of other religions in our history. Rather than answer, correctly, that Quakers were persecuted and executed in the colonies, particularly in colonial New England, Mrs. Gingrich referenced a variety of religious groups who came to the colonies. Mr. Gingrich presented “one fact” for parents to use when checking with their children’s school. “The first thing that English speaking colonists do, in the new world, when the land for the first time, is raise a cross at Cape Henry in Virginia to thank God for having gotten safely across the Atlantic.” (Actually is was the 29th day, according to one of the settlers but who's counting!) He stated that he doesn’t know of any school that says this is how fundamental religion was to the founding of America. Steve Doocy, who must be an avid reader, claimed that “for some reason that has been left out of all the textbooks.”

Comment: Among the “talking heads” in this documentary is David Barton, who as News Hounds Alex points out, pals around with white supremacists, praise Jesus! At the Rediscovering God In America conference, sponsored by the Family Foundation of Virginia (a group that is registering voters who believe in biblical values), radical Christian Lou Engle (founder of radical right wing group, The Call, who has called for civil war in the church) laid his “hands upon Newt Gingrich and beseeched God to extend his "influence for righteousness in this nation, lay your supernatural hand of God upon him and deliver him from the evil schemes of the enemy." Gingrich, who is now in the bosom of the Catholic Church after the other marriages and affairs were history, said that the ACLU (who protect the First Amendment) is a "hateful, anti-religious system designed to drive God out of America," and that “we are surrounded by paganism.” So yeah, he’s really somebody who should be extolling religion. (Hmm, wasn’t he leading the impeachment charges against Clinton at the same time that he and Callista were getting it on? And didn’t he say that oral sex with Ann Manning wasn’t adultery?) But as we know, the Christian Republican right wing is very forgiving!) Anyway, the Christian crusade continues on Fox&Friends – or is it just another jihad from the American Taliban!!!! I report, you decide.

Note – I’ve included the “laying on of hands” video for your amusement.