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Hannity Develops A Sudden Interest In Afghanistan War – Just In Time To Attack Obama Over It

Reported by Ellen - September 23, 2009 -

Can anyone remember Sean Hannity showing any interest in the war in Afghanistan? I’ve been following him pretty closely for more than four years and the only time I can recall him showing any interest in it is when he attacked then-candidate Barack Obama for saying the US has air raided villages and killed civilians. Since Obama took office, Hannity has been so busy attacking Obama as a racist, radical socialist,” I don’t believe he has devoted a single segment to the war. But now that there’s an opportunity to attack Obama over it, Hannity has suddenly decided it’s of vital importance. “Why is a situation that is so paramount receiving so little public attention from this president? Perhaps he’s too occupied with passing a health care bill that the American people don’t want. Has he put national security on the back burner?” Hannity asked at the beginning of an interview with John McCain. Predictably, there was no balancing interview with a Democratic expert on the military. With video.

Of course, just because Hannity ignores an issue, that doesn’t give Obama a pass. But it was more than a little comical to watch a guy who hasn’t shown an iota of interest in the war suddenly posture about how much he caresd about it. Furthermore, Hannity offered not a shred of evidence that Obama has ignored the war. Hannity’s beef, according to his introduction, was that Obama was not giving the war enough “public attention.” Then, instead of actually analyzing Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan, “Great American” Hannity suggested our President is careless about national security, all because he hasn’t been discussing it in public enough to suit Hannity, the sudden Afghanistan-war enthusiast.

McCain told Hannity the situation in Afghanistan is dire, that more troops must go over or else the troops already there will be needlessly endangered.

Did Hannity ask about anything like troop levels or the reasons why additional troops are needed? No, he was more interested in making political hay against Obama. “Now, President Bush always said, ‘Whatever our military commanders on the ground need, they’re going to get.’” Bush may have said that but if Hannity thinks that’s true, maybe he ought to stop spending so much time accusing Obama of being a racist radical and a little more time on what the troops he purports to care so much for are actually undergoing. Bush was accused of not sending enough troops to Iraq by high level personnel such as L. Paul Bremer, the former top administrator in Iraq. There was also a little problem with the troops in Iraq getting enough body armor which the Pentagon found could have saved as much as 80 percent of the marines killed from wounds to the upper body.

“Do you think the President is adopting a pre-9/11 mentality?” Hannity asked. “I believe he is. I believe he’s weakening our national defenses.” You know, the national defenses Hannity rarely if ever thinks it important enough to actually discuss.

McCain demurred.

By the way, remember how important it was not to vote for "retreat," "defeat"and "surrender" in Iraq by voting for Obama? What happened to Hannity’s (and Fox News’) concern for Iraq since Obama took office? Is ACORN really more important than our troops and national security? Apparently so. Also not discussed, the arrest of terrorist suspect Najibullah Zazi. Funny how selective Hannity's interest in national security is.