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Glenn Beck Gives His Own Conspiracy Theories More Importance Than Actual Terror Plots

Reported by Ellen - September 23, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, the patriot who loves his country so much he'd cry for it, boldly announced, "I will never surrender!" yesterday on his TV show as he fearlessly soldiered on in his battle to expose the dangerous radicals in the Obama administration. Meanwhile, Commander Beck (not that he ever served when he had the chance to really put anything on the line for his country) completely overlooked, didn't seem to care about, the actual terror plot recently uncovered, the one that could put real Americans in real danger, right under his nose in New York, the plot whose ringleader the Obama administration has just arrested. Could it be because it didn't fit in with his "Obama is a dangerous radical" meme, a meme that has proved so profitable for Beck? I report, you decide. Video after the jump.