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Fox News.Com Headline Describes Obama Education “Czar” As “Radical” Godless Gay Supporting Ex Druggie – Oh, No……

Reported by Priscilla - September 23, 2009 -

But wait, wasn’t George Bush a former alcoholic? Oh, I guess that doesn’t matter because he and Jesus were “BFF’s” so it’s all good. But seriously, just when you think that the Fox media outlets have reached a new low, you find this kind of stuff. It isn’t surprising given that Fox has a huge fan base in the American Taliban (whoops “values” voters crowd) and these folks hate teh gay and anyone who hasn’t embraced evangelical Christianity. Should there be any question why the rest of the enlightened world sees the United States as a quaint outpost of authoritarian religious zealotry. Fox has a new “czar” in its sites and for Fox, smearing a librul isn’t a sin – it’s a free pass to the pearly gates. The original, flaming lede has been replaced with something a little less incendiary in a less conspicuous place – but the questions are out there and you betcha they won’t go away soon. And for Fox to be accusing anyone in the Obama administration, after last week's gathering of radical "values voters" (who are just loving their Fox News), of being "radical" - pulleeeze!!!!!

The new headline reads: “'Safe Schools Czar' Safe for Schools? Obama's pick has radical past as gay rights activist, former drug abuser, and outspoken critic of religion.” Let’s check out the sinful past of Kevin Jennings who is Obama's director of the office of safe and drug free schools. From the Fox article (course the Fox website readers – or watchers – don’t need to read the articles cuz the headlines tell them all they need to know. “In 1990, as a teacher in Massachusetts, he founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which now has over 40 chapters at schools nationwide. He has also published six books on gay rights and education, including one that describes his own experiences as a closeted gay student.” Whew, now that’s radical. One hopes that bible believing citizens in “real” American don’t allow such decadent stuff, which the Family Research Council is troubled by, in their godly schools. Peter LaBarbera, president of the gay obssessed “Americans for Truth About Homsexuality” is also upset and we all know that LaBarbera is a touchstone for “real” America. (Pete’s last obsession was about the gay themed parties at the Obama inauguration!). If you need a chuckle, check out People for the American Way’s ‘Right Wing Watch” for some amusing material on he who might protesteth too much!

And the drug history – he admitted to smoking marijuana in high school – and we know that no Republican ever did drugs or any other ungodly thing. Oh wait, former Republican member of congress and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Henry Hyde, whose name was given to the amendment which prohibits poor women from getting government funded abortions, had an affair when he was married. He called it a “youthful indescretion.” But he was a good Republican Catholic so it was all good.Former Republican member of congress, Vito Fosella, fathered a child out of wedlock (whilst married) and got picked up on a DWI; but he served the rest of his term in the House although he did not run for reelection. I don't remember any scathing articles on Fox about him.

Like so many who grow up in a religiously repressive family, Jennings abandoned Jesus; but has recently found his way back to religion. In fact, he is a trustee of the Union Theological Seminary which is probably, as a liberal institution, considered apostate by the radical champions of Christian orthodoxy. And are we surprised that there is an “audio” of Jennings allegedly saying that he condoned a relationship between a high school student and an older man. This audio is from Professor Warren Throckmorton who is an advocate of “reorientation therapy” which is directed towards changing evil gays into godly heterosexuals. His “curriculum” has been discredited by the American Psychological Association. Throckmorton teaches at Grove City College, a Christian school so there’s no bias there, nosireee!!!!

Funny how right wing “Christians” can forgive Republican sinners like married Republican Senator David Vitter, a good Catholic and “family values” advocate who had sex with a prostitute while attired in a diaper. Maybe it's not considered a sin in GOP circles as he had heterosexual man needs so it’s all good. But teaching tolerance of gays – a sin that merits an eternity watching Osmond family Christmas videos – can never be forgiven because in Fox world, not all Christians are created equal. And the sin of “bearing false witness?” Not a problem if directed toward a librul. Say one Our Father and go directly to heaven. Gotta love those right wing family values.