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“Values Voters” Pimp Fox Nation

Reported by Priscilla - September 22, 2009 -

The recent Values Voters Summit was an insane clown posse full of uber right wing Christians, who, if not for the cross and an absence of burqas, aren’t all that different from the Taliban in their moral inflexibility and bizarre world view. I’m sure that any radical imam would share a hearty terrorist fist bump over the comment, from GOP Senator Tom Coburn’s (death squads for abortion doctors) Chief of Staff, that pornography turns young men into homosexuals. Carrie Prejean’s statement that God told her what to say at the Miss California pageant could have been appended with “Inshallah.” So it’s not suprising that a KonKlave of those who fight teh gay and the rising tide of immigration, while loudly proclaiming that their faith is under attack by the forces of evil liberalism, would provide some props for a hate site run by Fox News – i.e. the racist, homophobic anti anything that smacks of reason and pro anything that smacks of Obama (and liberals, Democrats, immigrants, non Christians, etc.) hatred website. I would echo the esteemed member of congress from Massachusetts when I ask, about the “values voters,” what planet do they live on?

It was fitting that the Fox Nation praises started with a Glenn Beck style raving conspiracy lover, member of congress, Michele Bachmann who, obviously, hasn’t slit her wrists yet. She said that Fox Nation rocks – wow, like she is like so totally groovy! Secessionist Texas Governor Rick Perry said that “if you don’t watch Fox Nation, yer not gittin the information.” (Uh, reading and watching are too different things; although given the low literacy of some of the Fox Nation “readers,” perhaps “watching” is correct.) But yeah, Fox Nation provides great informational headlines such as the one which claimed that Obama said the US is a Muslim nation and that the cap and trade bill is “treason.” But given what the Texas board of education wants to promote in its textbooks, it’s not surprising that Perry’s definition of “information” is a little skewed. Indiana member of congress, Mike Pence, can’t wait to put Fox Nation on his favorites. (Pence is one of those uber Christians. Wonder if he would be down with all that nasty stuff from the Fox Nation posters – oh wait, those are “family values” voters so it’s all good.) Mitt Romney “congratulated” Fox Nation and expressed hope that “it will give us a lot of strength in 2010” (so Fox Nation is an arm of the RNC!!! Who Knew!!!) The “other” Baldwin brother, Steven, said something incoherent. Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in the congress, said he just “keeps clicking on Fox Nation” because it “is a great forum for some robust debate.” (Yeah, like death threats against Obama and a comment referring to him as “buckwheat”) God’s best gal pal, Carrie Prejean thanked Fox Nation for “supporting her.” (From her collagen infused lips to God’s ears!)

So is Fox Nation a tool for the Republican right wing? I report, you decide.