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Forget Afghanistan! Health Care! Iraq! The Most Important Issues To Beck Are Racial Insinuations Against President Obama

Reported by Ellen - September 22, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, the guy who loves his country so much he’d cry for it, bragged about spending the full hour with President Obama yesterday (9/21/09), as sort of a response to Obama’s snub of the network in his media blitz the day before. Predictably, it was a full hour of non-stop attacks on Obama. But rather than discuss or analyze the substance of Obama’s policies, Beck relentlessly focused on trying to tar Obama with associations with ACORN and past boogeymen Van Jones and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that all the targets were black. With video.

Beck started the segment by complaining about the softball questions that had been lobbed at Obama. So what kinds of hard-hitting questions did Beck want? Questions about Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan? Iraq? Guantanamo Bay? The CIA probe? The economy? No. Beck was miffed that nobody probed the “radical associations” he’s always nattering on about. “No one asked him about Van Jones!” Beck whined. Uh, maybe it’s because Jones, who was never in Obama’s cabinet, has already left the administration.

Then it was on to attacking Obama about Rev. Wright (again). Beck played a clip of Wright, followed by clips of Obama supposedly contradicting himself about Rev. Wright. Beck said, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reporter ask him which story is it? ‘Cause it’s important.”

Edward R. Beck continued, “George Stephanopoulos was… the only one out of the five interviews with the president who even mentioned ACORN and listen to this!”

Beck played a clip of Obama saying he was not following the ACORN story closely, then adding, “I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money… George, this is not the biggest issue facing the country. It’s not something I’m paying a lot of attention to.”

To Beck, obviously, ACORN is not only the biggest issue facing the country, it's almost the ONLY issue facing the country. “There was no pushback from Stephanopoulos,” Beck mourned. His anti-ACORN zeal made him forget, apparently, that the interviews were intended to focus on health care. But Beck has decent health insurance and the money to pay for what it doesn't cover so why should he worry about the millions of people without it? Beck is so consumed with conspiracy theories about Obama’s “radical associations” (and he had another unintelligible chart to illustrate his crusade yesterday) that he routinely overlooks the moderates who are really Obama’s advisors: Joseph Biden, Robert Gates, Eric Shinseki, Rahm Emanuel, and Hillary Clinton, whom, Beck has recently told Katie Couric, he would have voted for over John McCain. Was Beck going to vote for someone who would hold a high position in an administration overrun with communist radicals? Let’s hope Couric asked.

Next, it was on to a clip of Obama saying that ACORN would “help shape the agenda” when he was in the White House. The producers thoughtfully left in a lot of black people cheering raucously, as if that somehow proved the corrupt connection.

Later in the show, with guest John Fund, Beck re-played the clip of Stephanopoulos asking about ACORN.

“He didn’t know? He didn’t know they were getting money?” Beck asked accusingly. But that’s not what Obama said. He said he didn’t know ACORN was getting “a whole lot” of federal money.

Fund, who’s a Fox News fave on the subject of voter fraud (though he never seems to have any concerns about two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter), jumped on the conspiracy bandwagon. “It’s curious, because ACORN has gotten federal funding throughout its existence and Barack Obama has a long history of working with ACORN... Barack Obama’s campaign spent over $800,000 with an ACORN affiliate to get out the vote… And the money was categorized and reported to the Federal Election Commission as being for staging and lighting, as if they were, you know, key grips or something… Then they corrected themselves when they got caught by a Pittsburgh paper."

Fund theorized that the money was categorized that way in order to hide Obama’s association with ACORN. But then moments later, he said about Obama’s comment to Stephanopoulos, “It’s strange because throughout his career, he’s been proud of ACORN… He knew all about ACORN (during the campaign). Now he knows nothing about ACORN. Makes me think there might be something else there.”

Beck began saying something, then stopped. “Really. Maybe something else there” He looked delighted.